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The Advantages of Developing Websites With ColdFusion

ColdFusion CompanyDeveloping websites and web applications with ColdFusion offers a number of advantages that allow ColdFusion programmers to build highly effective web based applications. This dynamic program does not require a lot of coding such as PHP, JSP, and ASP based applications. The ease of use, high runtime performance and its dependability are among the main reasons why this ColdFusion is such a popular choice among ColdFusion programming professionals as well as ColdFusion development specialists. This application can quickly produce dynamic web based applications that have advanced functionality and features. Prior to selecting a ColdFusion web development company, it is important to ensure they can support this comprehensive application. (more…)

Coldfusion Software Development Information Video

Hello everyone,

We are proud to present our new video explaining the Coldfusion application development services we offer. Enjoy,

We offer a wide variety of Coldfusion services. We can provide all your Coldfusion needs, everything from Coldfusion hosting, to Coldfusion software and application development

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ColdFusion Hosting by ColdFusion Development Firms

Advantages of hosting your ColdFusion Website or Application with a ColdFusion Developer

So you have a ColdFusion Website or a ColdFusion Application and you are looking for hosting. The question here is should you host with any provider, or look out for those hosting Providers that have ColdFusion specialists on hand? Some businesses look at, and prefer hosting with ColdFusion Developers that actually offer CF Hosting as an additional Service. (more…)

Adobe ColdFusion 9

Adobe is currently working on ColdFusion 9 (Codename: Centaur). There is no release date set, but the list of potential new features include :

  • Ability to code User Defined Functions (UDFs) and ColdFusion Components (CFC’s) entirely in CFScript.
  • An explicit “local” scope that does not require local variables to be declared at the top of the function.
  • Implicit getters/setters for CFC.
  • Implicit constructors via method called “init” or method with same name as CFC.
  • New CFFinally tag for Exception handling syntax and CFContinue tag for Control flow.
  • Object-relational mapping (ORM) Database integration through Hibernate (Java).
  • Server.cfc file with onServerStart and onServerEnd methods.
  • Tighter integration with Adobe AIR.

ColdFusion Frameworks

Working With ColdFusion Frameworks

Frameworks can drastically reduce the time frame of your Development Cycles by letting you focus on the fundamental business solutions rather than getting trapped in the nitty-gritty of developing repetitive code. For instance let’s say you are working on an enterprise level online accounting system coded in ColdFusion. Instead of writing tons of code on how to handle transactions with the database and user verifications, you can work on the actual logic of the accounting system because the framework you are working with provides you with all the necessary routines to take care of repetitive but essential tasks.

So basically a framework is like a library of different code routines that you can use as and when you need them, but the big difference is that once you start working under a framework, it basically controls your work flow, and this is not in a bad way. A framework helps you streamline your development process and maintain code so that it can be easily used and customized. (more…)

Seeking Web Development Subcontractors

Is your Company overwhelmed by more accounts than you can handle? Or maybe you have a nice Contract opportunity, but don’t have the skills to deliver it…

The trend nowadays, especially after many disappointments of outsourcing to other continents and odd time zones in the past years, is to Subcontract your overhead Web Development and Programming tasks to experienced, U.S based Companies that don’t work while you sleep. (more…)

Adobe Max 2008 Event

I just noticed the news on the Adobe Website, about their upcoming North American Event.
MAX 2008 is an opportunity to connect with the Adobe community. The North American event will take place in San Francisco, California on November 16-19, 2008
At the event, Adobe will bring together the most creative and influential minds in the community, from designers and developers to executives and partners, for three days that they claim will shape the future of the industry.

MAX is an Adobe Conference centered on the ecosystem of companies, developers, and designers using Adobe Tools such as Adobe ColdFusion, Adobe Air, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flex, and other Adobe products .

ColdFusion 8 Update (8.0.1)

ColdFusion 8 Update 1 provides developers with 64-bit support for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and provides the latest updates to ColdFusion 8. Adobe recommends that all ColdFusion 8 users apply this free update.


Building Rich Internet Applications Using Flex 2 And Coldfusion

There was a time when even simple HTML pages used to make us happy. A few hyperlinks here and a couple of form elements there and you would have an “interactive” presence on the Internet.

JavaScript and CSS improved things to a great extent but still the functionalities on a webpage could never even remotely match the interface of a desktop application. With the advent of Flash things spiced up a bit but they were still on the static side. There was nothing that we could call interactive and dynamic in the Flash animations that the developers created. Although there is a fair amount of “programming” that you can do in Flash, this feature never caught on with hardcore programmers because interface designing skills were always required; they needed something that could help them create Flash applications by simply having to write code. Flex was developed keeping this in mind. And with this was born the concept of Rich Internet Applications. (more…)

7 Reasons Managers Like Fusebox

It’s not just developers who have made Fusebox the most popular web application framework for ColdFusion and PHP. Project managers and team leads also value Fusebox for:

  1. Fusebox offers excellent support for team development — even when developers are geographically separate. Fusedocs (the program definition language used by Fusebox architects) insures that each developer knows exactly what is required to successfully complete their portion of the project. (more…)


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