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Mura CMS – Handling your Content

Websites these days have tons of information and most of it is dynamic; a quick, easy way to adjust certain parts of the site without affecting others is needed. This is where Content Management Systems (CMS) come in. CMS provide a simple, intuitive way to manage a large collection of data with the ease of automation, built in functions, and other helpful tricks. One of the biggest names in this market is Mura. (more…)

Mobile Applications and ColdFusion working with HTML5

HTML5 is making a big splash in the tech community. Heralded as a new standard to ease content creation and consumption on the web, it is still definitely in its infancy. Companies are coming out with new technologies, implementations, and tricks as they learn how to best take advantage of this new standard. Combining HTML5 with the surge of Mobile Devices makes for a winning combination. As more and more mobile devices gain popularity, developers are beginning to feel the strain of writing native Mobile Applications for each and every device. The promise of HTML5 is that it will scale and run like a native app on every device. One of the hurdles with this is establishing a functioning backend to support all of these new features. This is where ColdFusion comes to play. (more…)

iPad Apps in the Medical Field

The influence of Apple’s iPad can be felt everywhere, and the changes the iPad has brought with it have been enormous. iPads have given businesses new ways to improve productivity, they have given schools new ways to teach students, and they have given consumers new ways to be entertained. So with the iPad being such a formidable force in most aspects of everyday life, where does the ipad stand in the medical field? More specifically, what do iPad apps in the medical field mean for patients and doctors? (more…)

Coldfusion Software Development Information Video

Hello everyone,

We are proud to present our new video explaining the Coldfusion application development services we offer. Enjoy,

We offer a wide variety of Coldfusion services. We can provide all your Coldfusion needs, everything from Coldfusion hosting, to Coldfusion software and application development

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ColdFusion Hosting by ColdFusion Development Firms

Advantages of hosting your ColdFusion Website or Application with a ColdFusion Developer

So you have a ColdFusion Website or a ColdFusion Application and you are looking for hosting. The question here is should you host with any provider, or look out for those hosting Providers that have ColdFusion specialists on hand? Some businesses look at, and prefer hosting with ColdFusion Developers that actually offer CF Hosting as an additional Service. (more…)

Content Management Systems

Most people prefer to seek simple solutions to complicated problems. This is certainly true in the world of computer software, where a vast and often confusing number of choices exist to assist users with a wide variety of functions. What if someone could develop one computer-based system that would coordinate a bunch of important functions, therefore helping the user by making it as easy as possible to use? Do you think that such a program would be in demand?

The answer is “yes,” and the software packages to be discussed in this article are known as “content management systems.”

So, what does “content management” mean? And how does it help users to simplify their computer-related tasks?

A content management system (CMS) is a program, usually Internet-based, which is used for storing, publishing, updating, and controlling files and documentation through one interface. In other words, it allows a person to perform many different functions within one software package. A CMS helps to create a smoother “work-flow” for its users.

The advantages presented by such a system are obvious. With a Web-based CMS, a large number of contributors can share and manipulate data, then collectively produce a uniform output. The content handled by a CMS can include computer files, images, HTML files, electronic documents — such as those generated in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF formats — and audio/video files.



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