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Apple’s Mac OS X 10.5.6 Release

Apple on Monday released for download a significant update to its Leopard operating system for Mac computers.

OS X 10.5.6 includes at least three dozen fixes for issues ranging from print reliability to archiving problems. The update also offers “general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac,” according to Apple.

Win a Free Trip to Adobe MAX ’08

Adobe Partners With ZIO Pro Offering a chance to win a free trip to Adobe MAX ‘08

NEW YORK, New York – September 11th, 2008. Adobe Systems, the leading creative software company, and ZIO Pro, the new media network for creative professionals, are offering an exclusive opportunity to send a Creative or IT Director to Adobe’s MAX 2008 conference in San Francisco.

Registrants will be entered for a chance to win a trip to Adobe MAX 2008 in San Francisco.  The winner will receive a free all access pass to the even as well as free air travel to San Francisco and free hotel stay.  No obligation and no credit card information necessary.

In addition, every registrant for the contest will get access to a 30 Day 10 Seat software training license for their team – absolutely free – including full length training courses on Dreamweaver CS3, Flash CS3, and Photoshop CS3. Every qualified registrant will also receive a free e-Book – ‘Adobe Air with Ajax’ or ‘Presentation Zen’.

To register for this limited time offer:
IT Directors/Managers can go to: IT Directors / Managers

Creative Directors/Managers can go to: Creative Directors / Managers

About Zoom In Online: Zoom in Online is the thinking person’s guide to entertainment. The site offers daily coverage of the latest happenings in culture, entertainment and technology through regularly published videos, podcasts and blogs. Offering four channels of coverage, Zoom in Online is a resource of discovery for anyone interested in Film & Video, Music & Audio, Photography & Design or Web & Interactive. To watch, read and hear more, visit them at

Contact Information:
Greg Bramman, Director of Marketing
646-486-7109 x128

Web Development – Your Website and Business Objectives

What do you have in mind when you are involved in a Web Development Project or if you have hired a team of designers and developers for your web development project?  Do you merely want “a killer” Website that looks awesome, or do you want a Website that proactively promotes and conducts your business on the Internet?  We are positively sure that the latter would be your answer. (more…)

Seeking Web Development Subcontractors

Is your Company overwhelmed by more accounts than you can handle? Or maybe you have a nice Contract opportunity, but don’t have the skills to deliver it…

The trend nowadays, especially after many disappointments of outsourcing to other continents and odd time zones in the past years, is to Subcontract your overhead Web Development and Programming tasks to experienced, U.S based Companies that don’t work while you sleep. (more…)

Small business Website Solutions

Do you manage a Small Business and wonder whether it needs a Website or not?
Many Small Business Operators are faced with this dilemma, especially when they see everyone carrying an official URL on visiting cards and letterheads.  The doubt is greater when most of your customers and clients are situated locally.  You may ask yourself why your customers and clients would go to your Small Business Website when they can easily drop by at your office or outlet!!

A Website is not just a fad – it used to be a fad maybe 10 years ago but not anymore.  Your Website can be as important as your telephone connection, or even your actual business location. We are not saying this because we are in the business of building Websites; these days whenever people have to make a purchase or hire a Service Provider they instinctively log onto the Internet and try to visit the Website of the business.  They simply assume that every business these days has a Website – and businesses that don’t, don’t mean business.  Irrespective of the fact whether you can directly sell from your web site or not, a Small Business Website can be an integral part of your Shop or Office.


Adobe Flex Developers

Are you ready to move on to the next level of web design and user interaction?

There is a paradigm shift in the way people use the Internet and interact on commercial Websites. Total customization no longer remains in the realms of usability, whitepapers, and web design conferences! Adobe Flex makes functionalities feel like a breeze. Here are some examples of Flex enhanced features we can provide:

  • Updating data on the webpage without having to refresh the page
  • Dragging and dropping items into the shopping cart along with simultaneous recalculation of the cost
  • Rearranging items on the webpage according to your convenience
  • Changing the look of the website according to your preferences
  • Developing and installing the most complex animations and graphics

The greatest benefit of our experience with Flex is that we can create Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that deploy consistently on all major browsers, and Operating Systems, consequently providing a richer experience for your audience. Flex brings real-time interactivity in your existing Applications, and Ecom Solutions can develop and install completely new Flex Applications in a timely fashion!


Technology And Web Development In New York

You will be surprised to know that the New York area employs more technology people than any other place in North America. People mostly think that Silicon Valley is the place where everything technological and web development related happens but that is not the case; companies like Google and DoubleClick are managing critical operations from New York.

There is another reason why New York is almost like the technology and Web Development hub of the country: almost all conventional companies, organizations and associations like American International Group, American Express, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Lehman Brothers, MetLife, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Nabsdaq, New York Life, and the New York Stock Exchange operate from New York and they employ a massive technology, IT and Internet workforce.

Even conventional tech vendors like Arrow Electronics, Avaya, CA, IBM, Information Builders, Lucent, and Verizon prefer to manage operations from New York. There are also great universities and polytechnic institutes that perpetually churn out professionally trained people. Since companies often need copious help from lawyers and legal experts the abundance of such specialists in the city gives an added advantage. Therefore, Web Development and Website Building in New York can make for great business in the City that never sleeps. (more…)

Rich Internet Applications

 Despite being web-based applications, Rich Internet Applications function like desktop applications. Typically, they have features and functionalities of desktop applications but they can easily access data and programs residing upon remote web servers.

So why so much fuss over Rich Internet Applications? First of all they demolish the boundaries of traditional web-based applications. Up till now the web-based applications, in the name of interactivity, could only offer text boxes, drop-down boxes and other form-based and link-based controls. Every action depended on page refreshes. Every processing happened on the server side and the client side only handled the static data. This meant whenever the application needed to access new or updated data it had to access the server. Accessing the server again and again might not be a problem if very few people are using the application but it tremendously slows things down if lots of people are using the application at the same time. This also created constraints for application developers who were itching to create applications that could use strengths of both the desktop and the Internet environment. Both users and application creators terribly missed the level of interactivity and flexibility offered by even mediocre desktop applications. (more…)

Don’t let your legacy applications hold you back.

There was a time when your legacy application was cutting-edge and you derived amazing results from it. But somewhere it stopped growing with you.

Ecomsolutions Inc. can help you modernize you legacy application using ColdFusion. Without hindering your day-to-day business operations our team of programmers and software engineers will completely overhaul your obsolete legacy application; turning it into a state-of-the-art marvel. And in case modernization is not possible right now we can even provide you dedicated expertise so that you can keep using your existing legacy application without compromising on contemporary functionalities.

It doesn’t matter if you have lost touch with the original programmers or if no documentation exists; we are in the habit of deciphering the most obscure lines of programming code and turning them into highly functional applications. Our well-proven and tested development methodologies ensure you a properly documented and laid out application so that you don’t end up with another obsolete legacy application after a couple of years. (more…)

Disadvantages of open source software

Are you or your organization planning to jump onto the bandwagon of “the open source software revolution”? In case you’re not aware of what is open source software it is supposed to be free software.  Open source software can be modified by anybody and then redistributed because its code is supposed to be freely available, unlike the commercial software applications that you cannot alter and redistribute.  The only caveat is that you cannot alter the open source software and then sell it commercially.  Some prevalent examples of open source software are, a Microsoft office alternative, Ubuntu (a variant of Linux), a Windows operating system alternative, and Gimp, a Photoshop alternative. (more…)


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