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It’s Time to Upgrade Your ColdFusion Applications

Upgrading ColdFusion applications is a relatively quick and simple process, but many businesses keep their outdated versions. Although avoiding updates means less work for the company, an outdated ColdFusion application leaves vulnerabilities open for competitors or hackers.

The newest stages of ColdFusion development have increased the platform’s overall speed, patched security holes, and reworked inefficient coding. Systemic improvements allow consumers to enjoy a stable application through different access points.

The ColdFusion development team designed the current 9 series to integrate more fully with Flash. Applications can improve their overall performance with Flash Remoting. ColdFusion 9 also includes physical deployment capabilities, and users may install up to 10 virtual instances when they are using a cloud environment. Increased performance means customers will enjoy using a company’s ColdFusion application.

Newer ColdFusion versions have improved security over previous versions. Electronic security has been a hot topic in recent months, and companies that use vulnerable platforms are risking a disaster caused by hackers. ColdFusion applications should be updated on a regular basis to close security holes that may have been present.

No customer wants to hear that they’re being supplied with an old ColdFusion application. The application may have an excellent track record, but customers will be concerned about its age and whether it is competitive with newer products. A history of numerous updates shows that the ColdFusion developer is willing to maintain their application. Maintenance must be performed on a periodic basis to ensure that an application is free from operational troubles.

Upgrading ColdFusion applications is relatively simple. Even if a business does not have the expertise to handle their own upgrades, third-party ColdFusion web Development companies like Ecom Solutions specialize in ColdFusion. The company has competitive rates, and clients can have a expert ColdFusion developer suggest any additional improvements while they are completing the ColdFusion application upgrade.

Upgrading ColdFusion applications is a necessary stage in ColdFusion development. Avoiding or delaying an upgrade for ColdFusion applications gives an advantage to competitors’ products, and companies risk losing customers by not keeping pace with the market. Consider hiring EcomSolutions for any ColdFusion upgrade services before the market leaves your in the dust.




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