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Advantages of hosting your ColdFusion Website or Application with a ColdFusion Developer

So you have a ColdFusion Website or a ColdFusion Application and you are looking for hosting. The question here is should you host with any provider, or look out for those hosting Providers that have ColdFusion specialists on hand? Some businesses look at, and prefer hosting with ColdFusion Developers that actually offer CF Hosting as an additional Service.

There are several advantages to hosting your ColdFusion systems with a ColdFusion Hosting Provider that also has ColdFusion programmers or resources on hand:

  1. You can rely on a competent CF Network Architecture, proper and dedicated ColdFusion Environment, updates / patching done without trial and error episodes, and advanced CF knowledge

  2. ColdFusion Development Firms that offer hosting as a service typically know what resides on their coldfusion hosting servers even if they didnt develop the ColdFusion Website or ColdFusion Application.

  3. If there is a problem with ColdFusion hosting, an intervention will be more competent (remember, ColdFusion Development Firms often work on live servers, unless they have set up a mirror ColdFusion development environment).

  4. Major advantage – If you need any changes to the ColdFusion Website, a ColdFusion specialist is available right away, or much faster than a remote ColdFusion developer.

  5. The ColdFusion Development Firm specializes in ColdFusion and doesn’t need to babysit other unrelated Websites or Applications

  6. A ColdFusion Developer that offers ColdFusion hosting as a service typically has a dedicated ColdFusion Department within their Firm, complete with ColdFusion Programmers, ColdFusion Analysts, and project managers that can be at your service

  7. Major advantage – ColdFusion Developers may offer discount rates for ColdFusion Development if you decide to also host with them, rather than just use them for ColdFusion development. The discount of sometimes even $5-$10 per hour off of the normal ColdFusion development rate can be often significant over a savings of only a few dollars in a a year of Hosting with a regular Hosting Provider

  8. Requested changes, maintenance, components, functionality features, media or content updates, will be completed faster during regular hours, as well as in case of short notice / emergencies

Disadvantages of Hosting your ColdFusion Application with a ColdFusion developer:

  • Hosting on a different continent, or a different country / time zone (Eg. India, Pakistan, South Asia, etc.) Those deals might seem cheap, but trust me … you will pay the price later

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