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Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

ColdFusion xxs Cross-Site Scripting XSS is a common malicious online attack in which hackers inject harmful coding script into web pages in order to steal sensitive information. The Adobe ColdFusion programming language creates powerful web pages that connect seamlessly with databases. Wise businesses trust in ColdFusion experts to write, organize and maintain coding script to provide the best security wall so that XSS assaults will fail.

ColdFusion Characteristics

ColdFusion enables web developers to “rapidly build, deploy and maintain robust Internet applications.” Each programming language has its own characteristics, which hackers will attempt to manipulate with malicious executable code in order to steal sensitive password, personal or financial information from customers. ColdFusion maintains interoperability with HTML, JavaScript and Adobe online architectures; web developers have experience preventing malware attacks against these systems.

-What is Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)?

Cross-Site Scripting, XSS, attackers use malicious executable code to steal sensitive information or the means to acquire that personal data from a legitimate site. With ColdFusion, typical XSS attacks will acquire the underlying template for creating customer information forms so that the criminals can create their own counterfeit form. Using this fake form, the hacker misdirects customers to the hacker’s site to steal birth dates, passwords or bank account information.

Long-term dangers include the ability of the criminal to impersonate customers after acquiring authentication and identification credentials. An XSS attack might occur due to flaws on the client side or server side. There are different types of Cross-Site Scripting attacks (persistent or non-persistent).

Sometimes, XSS is only one harmful tool amongst many elements of a malware attack that could include Trojan Horses, rootkits or worms. Complex XSS script attacks can be self-propagating.ColdFusion web development professionals know how to combat all of these threats preventing infestations.

ColdFusion Security

The complexity of Cross-Site Scripting XSS attacks requires assistance by a team of ColdFusion experts to prevent or remove malware script because there are many issues involved. ColdFusion security web developers know how to prevent hackers from stealing information using counterfeit forms. ColdFusion experts can review all manual code to retain the functionality and responsiveness of the web pages.

ColdFusion security professionals can ensure that posts originate from legitimate sites and not the hacker sites. They know how to write, organize and maintain coding script so that potential security holes are plugged. Don’t settle for second-rate when defending your website against XSS, trust accomplished ColdFusion web development experts.


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