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What Is SEO, And How Can I Do It?

Search Engine OptimizationSEO means Search Engine Optimization. The goal of SEO is to make a page “rank” higher in the results page of a search engine. SEO efforts are usually jugged by “Page Rank” This is a score that Google assigns your web page, and it is an important determinate of where a website will show up in Google’s search results. (more…)

Why are people abandoning shopping carts on my site?

The question, Why are people abandoning shopping carts on my site, is one that has plagued E-Commerce website owners for as long as E-Commerce has been around. There are a number of reason people abandon shopping carts, and solving these problems is something that an expert E-Commerce Development Company can solve. Lets explore some reasons that people abandon a shopping cart and do not complete their transaction. (more…)

How To Calculate E-Commerce Shipping Cost Algorithms

Most online stores can use a simple calculation to quote customers a shipping cost in real time. But there are times when a simple shipping cost algorithm is not enough. When an E-Commerce store has a large number or products that require special handling and care, the simple shipping algorithms provided in generic shopping cart software start to show their weaknesses, which can hurt the bottom line of the E-Commerce operation. (more…)

Why Do People Leave a Website – Part 2

The last post on this subject focused on the technicalities: load time, aesthetic, and ease of use. These are all fairly easily definable and fairly simple to implement. A clean, thought out design will address these issues. However, there are other factors which are more difficult to specify as to why people leave a website. These can be broken down into user interactivity and attempting to handle too many services in one instance. (more…)

What Makes A Good E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce storeThe Internet arguably one of the most important invention of the 20th century. It allows information to spread like wildfire; breaking news is what happened on Twitter fifteen seconds ago, entire encyclopedias are editable by anyone, and colleges and universities continue to offer great services to their students. But the real reason the Internet has grown so quickly and become ubiquitous is money. Plain and simple, the Internet has reduced barriers of all kinds for both businesses and consumers alike, and it is this driving economic force that continues to drive innovation and development on the web. (more…)

Why Do People Leave a Website?

The Internet has taught people that instantaneous is best. Whether it is streaming music, movies, or television, purchasing items online and having them shipped to your door, or ordering a pizza for dinner in thirty minutes, the general Internet user’s attention span is extremely short. As such, it is important to have a well designed, interactive website if you want customers to stick around. You may be asking yourself “Why do people leave a website?” There are a multitude of reasons that people may choose to leave and this post will explore a few of those, as well as some simple solutions to retain your customer’s interest. (more…)

What Video Can Do For E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce sites need to be ahead of any technological curves to make sure that they do not lose customers to competing online stores. One of the most popular additions to hit Internet stores are video clips embedded into product pages. By using videos on a store page, it gives the visitor a chance to see the details of product in a way that a still image would not allow. It also can be used to make the product look more appealing, similar to how television shopping channels demonstrate products to make potential customers more interested. (more…)

E-Commerce and Social Media Marketing

Social networking web sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been dominating most Internet users’ time when on the web. However, these sites are not just for social interaction, but can be used to help market your e-commerce store.

E-commerce and social media marketing are a great combination for making sure that your site gets seen by users on social networking sites. In fact, social media marketing will help boost your site’s visibility, traffic and e-commerce sales. Studies have shown that the link between e-commerce and social media marketing will provide just as much advertising results as traditional methods, such as print or broadcast advertisements. Also, because marketing through social media has become such a viable way to promote a brand or business, if you avoid doing the same, your store will suffer from being behind the curve of the competition. (more…)

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

ColdFusion xxs Cross-Site Scripting XSS is a common malicious online attack in which hackers inject harmful coding script into web pages in order to steal sensitive information. The Adobe ColdFusion programming language creates powerful web pages that connect seamlessly with databases. Wise businesses trust in ColdFusion experts to write, organize and maintain coding script to provide the best security wall so that XSS assaults will fail. (more…)

ColdFusion and Flex, why do they work together?

Flex Development Company

The ColdFusion Developers at Adobe have contributed an invaluable asset to the world of computer programming with this very widely distributed software program. Developing the perfect ColdFusion web application requires a certain level of depth and execution that only a ColdFusion Development Company can provide consumers with on a consistent basis. In recent years, the developers of ColdFusion have been at the receiving end of an incredible surge of support and recognition in the web development community, and rightly so. (more…)


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