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Integrating an eBay API for ColdFusion eCommerce

Like most owners of ColdFusion eCommerce Websites, you‘ve likely considered leveraging different platforms for selling online – and you would be wise to do so. Whether it be eBay, or Amazon, your ColdFusion Website can double – or tripletransactions if you have your website tuned correctly.

Integrating an eBay API for a ColdFusion Website brings many advantages. In addition to accomplishing the main objective of increasing business growth, it also centralizes and unclutters your CMS. Your back-end transactions, including eBay sales, will all be in one place. Utilizing just the one ColdFusion Website, as opposed to others without the eBay API, will significantly decrease additional work, allowing you to spend more time on what matters most: productivity. Inventory control becomes unnecessarily time-consuming when you have multi transactions on multi platforms. An eBay API will have your ColdFusion system control items directly on the eBay marketplace panel, so there’s no need to login elsewhere. Also, eBay listing updates can be performed automatically, so you don’t have to monitor them every time you sell an item.

We’ve witnessed the immediate, positive outcomes from ColdFusion websites and it’s an utter mystery why more companies aren’t taking this route.  If you have any questions about ColdFusion, or if you want a ColdFusion developer to integrate your Website with an eBay API, please contact us; we are only an email, an inquiry, or a phone call away.

Properly submitting products to Amazon, Ebay,, and Marketplaces

You already know that selling your products online is a great way to grow your brand and reach new audiences. However, while selling on marketplaces like Amazon, Jet, and eBay may seem like a great idea at first, in reality your products can get lost in the jumble unless you take steps now to set them apart from your competition.

We have product listing experts who know what it takes to make sure your products stand apart from the rest. Let us show you how you can maximize your online sales on popular Internet marketplaces like Sears, Walmart, and others.

What We Can Offer You as an Online Seller

We target the information necessary to get your products noticed and sold fast. Whether you make this information available to us in a catalog, brochure, or a PDF file, we can skillfully glean key points to use to tailor a selling program just for you.

Some of the key details that we focus on with your inventory include:

  • product names
  • product descriptions
  • manufacturers’ identities
  • brand name
  • product features

Once we have this information, we use our proven and highly effective strategies to get you the maximum return on each listing regardless of the marketplace on which you sell. We make all of our product marketing and management services available for an affordable price so you can keep more of your cash flow and grow your business.

Marketplace and Data Management Services

We understand that you may not have time to watch your online sales and adjust your product listings each day. When you have a busy schedule to which you must attend, let us help you with our practical and innovative marketplace and data management services.

Some of the ways that we can help you attract more online buyers include:

  • capturing and compiling product feed data
  • entering product details
  • product categorization
  • optimizing product meta titles and meta tags
  • creating original and interesting product descriptions
  • cropping, resizing, and uploading product photos
  • utilizing product listing automation software
  • order processing and tracking
  • updating inventory and product availability

We monitor your competitors’ prices and adjust your prices to sell for the same or lower amounts. We also identify what products are selling the best and are most popular with customers so that you can adjust your marketing to maximize profits.

The Internet is definitely the place to sell when you want to build a lucrative business and reach the widest audience. Even so, it is crucial that you do not let your products get lost in the vast mix of inventory of online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and others. We have the product listing expertise to help you create a business that will bring you the most profits and recognition. We make all of our services available at competitive prices that you can afford.


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