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AJAX Working Within ColdFusion Environments

ColdFusion development goes hand in hand with AJAX development. But what exactly is AJAX, and when integrating it with a ColdFusion application, why should you use an expert ColdFusion development company?

AJAX or asynchronous JavaScript and XML technology uses a number of web development techniques to render web applications completely free of interruption. This is made possible by AJAX’s ability to transmit and receive information from servers without affecting the overall appearance of the web page, hence the term “asynchronous.” The technology and language of AJAX has had a number of stunning applications for the average web user, as it allows seamless communication between users and servers, eliminating the need for constant refreshing. Flash applications, to give an example, are able to spontaneously send, receive, and display information about loading progress, running time, and other live data.

One of the most advanced and most beneficial uses of AJAX is when it is incorporated into a ColdFusion application or ColdFusion web development project. However, AJAX Development with ColdFusion requires a deep, dynamic understanding of both the scripting language and ColdFusion development methodology as well as the nuances of AJAX coding. With our advanced knowledge of AJAX programming and ColdFusion programming integration, we are able to add a real-time dynamic to data binding applications, file location, and many more ColdFusion functions. AJAX Development combined with ColdFusion development also enables users to receive a feed without losing any time to refreshing. When married by a professional ColdFusion developer, AJAX and ColdFusion work in harmony to create the ultimate ColdFusion web application.


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