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Integrating an eBay API for ColdFusion eCommerce

Like most owners of ColdFusion eCommerce Websites, you‘ve likely considered leveraging different platforms for selling online – and you would be wise to do so. Whether it be eBay, or Amazon, your ColdFusion Website can double – or tripletransactions if you have your website tuned correctly.

Integrating an eBay API for a ColdFusion Website brings many advantages. In addition to accomplishing the main objective of increasing business growth, it also centralizes and unclutters your CMS. Your back-end transactions, including eBay sales, will all be in one place. Utilizing just the one ColdFusion Website, as opposed to others without the eBay API, will significantly decrease additional work, allowing you to spend more time on what matters most: productivity. Inventory control becomes unnecessarily time-consuming when you have multi transactions on multi platforms. An eBay API will have your ColdFusion system control items directly on the eBay marketplace panel, so there’s no need to login elsewhere. Also, eBay listing updates can be performed automatically, so you don’t have to monitor them every time you sell an item.

We’ve witnessed the immediate, positive outcomes from ColdFusion websites and it’s an utter mystery why more companies aren’t taking this route.  If you have any questions about ColdFusion, or if you want a ColdFusion developer to integrate your Website with an eBay API, please contact us; we are only an email, an inquiry, or a phone call away.

Walmart marketplace API written in ColdFusion

Walmart recently released its own Marketplace, in an effort monetize on their brand and why not – to create competition for Amazon, JET, or eBay. The Walmart Marketplace API allows merchants which register to become a partner, and is written in ColdFusion. Yes the versatile Adobe ColdFusion platform will be the launchpad for retailers, merchants, and sellers that want to exchange goods via the Walmart Marketplace.

The Walmart Marketplace API is comprised of, and can be broken down into two groups. The first being the Walmart Item API and the second one is the Walmart Transaction API. Based on the documentation there are a few steps that need to be taken before the code is well integrated and certified, so that you can move to production.

In other words, Sellers and Merchants that wish to use the Walmart Marketplace will need to integrate the ColdFusion based API with their Websites and Systems. If you need more information on integrating this product, or would like to consult with our ColdFusion Team – visit our Website – and we would be glad to help.

ColdFusion 10 and 11 hotfix from Adobe addresses XML parser flaw

A recent hotfix was released by Adobe in order to protect ColdFusion users from a number of flaws

Security updates were released to address vulnerabilities in ColdFusion versions 10 and 11. According to the Adobe Security Bulletin the hotfix includes an updated version of BlazeDS and addresses potential data leak (information disclosure) glitches.

Adobe recommends ColdFusion customers to update their systems and provides technotes for each version. Our Technicians would be more than happy to assist you and help you in case you need to apply ColdFusion updates.

Apparently an unrestricted XML parser may allow for external XML entities processing when parsing such document. The flaw may be exploited by unauthenticated remote hackers. The flaw can allow various attacks including: reading arbitrary, listing web/system directories, SSRF attacks / unauthorized access to restricted services running on the localhost as well as within the victim’s server network; SMB relay attacks; and temporary file uploads which may be used by attackers in combination with LFI vulnerabilities to supply malicious code. Attackers can also read critical ColdFusion configuration files such as neo-security.xml,, and neo-datasource.xml. They can read ColdFusion password hashes including the management console, database credentials, and gain access to a weakly protected ColdFusion system.

ColdFusion migration to Lucee is perfectly viable

Adobe’s ColdFusion is a powerful and very productive language, designed to be a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool. It is essentially a big Java tag library with success in vertical markets and well accepted by Mid-to-Enterprise level Organizations. Though an excellent and versatile language, licensing costs have sometimes turned owners and developers to other options, especially in the wake of the new wave of open source platforms.

Here comes Lucee, offering an open source solution to the developers’ dreams. Not only is it free, but also it performs well, is stable, and is updated reasonably frequently. Lucee is compatible with contemporary ColdFusion script and tag language variants, also providing configurable support for legacy ColdFusion. The core features of Lucee provide easy to learn tags for everything from database queries to sending dynamic email messages to scripting connections with ftp and Amazon s3 storage. Almost anything you can do with ColdFusion, you can do with Lucee.

Our Team has extensive experience with the platforms, therefore if you need a transition from ColdFusion to Lucee, we are here to help. Just send us a request or call us and our Specialists will assist you!

Adobe ColdFusion security hotfix 2016 APSB16-16

Adobe has released security hotfixes for ColdFusion versions 10, 11 and the 2016 release. These hotfixes resolve an input validation issue (CVE-2016-1113), a host name verification problem with wild card certificates (CVE-2016-1115) and include an updated version of Apache Commons Collections library to mitigate java deserialization (CVE-2016-1114).

Contact us right away or call us to get this security hotfix for ColdFusion installed and update your System!

Release date: May 10, 2016

Vulnerability identifier: APSB16-16

CVE numbers: CVE-2016-1113, CVE-2016-1114, CVE-2016-1115


ColdFusion 2016 release:

ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 1 (release date May 10, 2016) includes the following changes:

  • Tomcat upgrade to 8.0.32.
  • Addresses a vulnerability mentioned in the security bulletin
  • Several important bug fixes for security, core language features, server, and other areas.

ColdFusion 11:

ColdFusion 11 Update 8 (release date May 10, 2016) includes the following changes:

  • Tomcat upgrade to 7.0.68
  • Addresses a vulnerability mentioned in the security bulletin
  • Several important bug fixes for security, language, AJAX, and other features.
  • This update is cumulative and includes fixes from all the previous ColdFusion 11 updates.

ColdFusion 10:

ColdFusion 10 Update 19 (release date May 10, 2016) includes the following changes:

  • Tomcat upgrade to 7.0.68.
  • Addresses a vulnerability mentioned in the security bulletin
  • Important bug fixes for security and server.
  • This update is cumulative and includes fixes from previous ColdFusion 10 updates.

Adobe recommends that customers apply the appropriate hotfix immediately, therefore you should contact your Administrator, or you can have Our Team at Ecom Solutions help you implement it.

Contact us right away to get this security hotfix for ColdFusion installed and update your System!

ColdFusion Array

Array is an essential tool in any programming language, which makes its implementation crucial for the programming language to be successful. In order to meet their goal of making simple scripting language for rapid and easy web development, Adobe made ColdFusion arrays simple for people who are lacking the proper training and programming experience. (more…)

Responsive Design on the ColdFusion Environment

As the amount of internet traffic served to mobile devices is on the rise, Responsive web design is becoming more and more important. The mobile trend is so popular that Google has started penalizing websites that aren’t mobile-friendly, and will boost the ones that have a Responsive mobile architecture, especially for searches originating on a mobile device. Let’s admit it: people like to be confortable and they are likely to be on the run, favoring the use of mobile devices. Meaning in the near, as well as the far future,  mobile usage (this includes mobile phones and tablets) will surely surpass desktop usage globally. (more…)

SSL and ColdFusion error 500

Your ColdFusion Website may yield errors related to SSL and the Java Environment, typically returning a 500 – internal server error or re-routing clients to the logon page. They won’t be able to make purchases or transactions.  If your ColdFusion Website has an E-Commerce component, or accepts payments via Merchant Accounts, Gateways, or credit card processing engines such as then you might already be looking for a fix.

This happens because the certificate issuing authority is not registered in the security keystore in the JVM that ColdFusion is running on top of. The problem can be solved by troubleshooting the SSL certificate for the Website or running Service. A ColdFusion programmer with administrative rights on the server can work on the SSL certificate into your ColdFusion Environment and help let your transactions / payments go through again.

You can always Contact or E-mail our ColdFusion and E-Commerce Specialists if you have questions or you need help


How do I know I need help?

  • I have ColdFusion and my customers can’t buy my products
  • We are getting a ColdFusion 500 internal server error
  • I am trying to buy something and I am being re-routed to logon
  • I can’t make a transaction or a purchase on a ColdFusion Server
  • I am having an SSL error related to

ColdFusion 11 Overview Video

Hostway ColdFusion Hosting Alternatives

Hostway has been providing ColdFusion Dedicated Hosting for awhile, but for some Clients, their Services just seem expensive. If for some reason you have switched from GoDaddy ColdFusion Hosting, which was discontinued in 2011, you may find that ColdFusion Hosting comes at a price. Reasons behind their ColdFusion Hosting being more expensive? Yes ! Plenty, and justified! GoDaddy ColdFusion Hosting was cheap price-wise, but they were also lacking the appropriate Support and necessary Services to run Websites and Applications on the ColdFusion Environment properly. If you have any questions about ColdFusion Hosting let us know, and If ColdFusion Hosting with doesn’t fit the bill, you can try ColdFusion Hosting alternatives here.


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