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ColdFusion With Social Networks

It goes without saying that social networking is a powerful force for reaching potential customers and maintaining relationships with existing customers. Combining ColdFusion With Social Networks gives you an unparalleled ability to leverage this powerful platform.

ColdFusion is both a development platform and a programming language used on that platform, and allows for incredibly rich user interfaces and data management features. By combining ColdFusion with social networking you have a powerful tool for brand management and marketing as well as one for maintaining customer loyalty. (more…)

E-Commerce and Social Media Marketing

Social networking web sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been dominating most Internet users’ time when on the web. However, these sites are not just for social interaction, but can be used to help market your e-commerce store.

E-commerce and social media marketing are a great combination for making sure that your site gets seen by users on social networking sites. In fact, social media marketing will help boost your site’s visibility, traffic and e-commerce sales. Studies have shown that the link between e-commerce and social media marketing will provide just as much advertising results as traditional methods, such as print or broadcast advertisements. Also, because marketing through social media has become such a viable way to promote a brand or business, if you avoid doing the same, your store will suffer from being behind the curve of the competition. (more…)


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