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Mobile Applications and ColdFusion working with HTML5

HTML5 is making a big splash in the tech community. Heralded as a new standard to ease content creation and consumption on the web, it is still definitely in its infancy. Companies are coming out with new technologies, implementations, and tricks as they learn how to best take advantage of this new standard. Combining HTML5 with the surge of Mobile Devices makes for a winning combination. As more and more mobile devices gain popularity, developers are beginning to feel the strain of writing native Mobile Applications for each and every device. The promise of HTML5 is that it will scale and run like a native app on every device. One of the hurdles with this is establishing a functioning backend to support all of these new features. This is where ColdFusion comes to play.

ColdFusion is Adobe’s HTML5 content creation suite. It is billed as a fast, agile, and powerful development tool for both desktop and mobile implementations. ColdFusion can be used to refer to the software itself, or the custom scripting language which is akin to PHP in function. This can make some of the custom features of the program easy to implement and modify at a server level.

The feature set of ColdFusion is immense, capable of meeting almost any developer’s need. All of these can be leveraged at the mobile level, giving even more functionality to these portable Mobile Devices. Some of the features include server monitors to fine tune the application behavior, direct and easy image and file modifications, multi-threading capabilities to give complete control of application behavior, integration with Adobe Flash, Microsoft products, PDFs and much more! The ability to make robust, yet lightweight, Applications with ColdFusion and the relationship with HTML 5 serves to create the best in Mobile Web Apps.

The scalability of ColdFusion‘s offerings make it perfect for Mobile Web Apps. The features are unique and easy to work with so custom, specific apps can be created for a small business’s employees. It is also robust enough to scale to work with hundreds of thousands of users, all the while maintaining a rich and interactive front end.

ColdFusion and ColdFusion Development continues to change with the times. Always offering the latest in Web technology, it has grown into an extremely powerful and agile development platform. Its HTML5 offerings keep in in the front of the pack today. In addition, its mobile feature set makes it the perfect choice for mobile web app development.


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