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Technology And Web Development In New York

You will be surprised to know that the New York area employs more technology people than any other place in North America. People mostly think that Silicon Valley is the place where everything technological and web development related happens but that is not the case; companies like Google and DoubleClick are managing critical operations from New York.

There is another reason why New York is almost like the technology and Web Development hub of the country: almost all conventional companies, organizations and associations like American International Group, American Express, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Lehman Brothers, MetLife, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Nabsdaq, New York Life, and the New York Stock Exchange operate from New York and they employ a massive technology, IT and Internet workforce.

Even conventional tech vendors like Arrow Electronics, Avaya, CA, IBM, Information Builders, Lucent, and Verizon prefer to manage operations from New York. There are also great universities and polytechnic institutes that perpetually churn out professionally trained people. Since companies often need copious help from lawyers and legal experts the abundance of such specialists in the city gives an added advantage. Therefore, Web Development and Website Building in New York can make for great business in the City that never sleeps.

What makes New York so suitable for technology and Web Development Companies?

The answer lies in the entrepreneurial nature of the city. For decades people have been coming to New York from all over the world to make and create fortunes. Businesses based in New York often have deeper roots compared to businesses in other technology and IT dominated cities. For instance, most technology and Web Development Companies in Silicon Valley are interested in creating new technologies and companies merely for the purpose of selling them to bigger companies for a quick and big profit. They are not bothered about consumers and their aspirations. Technology and Web Development Companies in New York on the other hand are not there for a quick buck; they are serious businesses aiming to grow by serving their customers and clients well.

New York also has a very sturdy technology infrastructure that plays a crucial role in the overall development of business. The environment is highly competitive, people are hard-working and opportunities are limitless and that is why more and more people are drawn towards this great city.
Although it is difficult for smaller businesses to run operations due to higher real estate prices and comparatively higher cost of living, every business that aims to grow and has its focus set upon long-term objectives prefers to have an office in New York. Just the fact that your business is being run from New York adds an unmitigated sense of prestige to your brand value.


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