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How to find the right software development company

As your organization grows in size and scale sooner or later you are going to require custom-built software.  Although there are thousands of software companies selling prepackaged software, every company has unique requirements and to cater to those requirements the development of custom software is inescapable.  But it is easier said than done.  More often than not the software development company that you find for your organization can prove to be the biggest roadblock if you’re not careful enough about selecting it.  In this blog post we shall explore a few things that you can take into consideration while trying to find the right software development company.
Before you can embark upon this task you have to clearly define what your organization needs. Research the market carefully and find out if software already exists to solve your problem.  Purchasing a pre-existing software solution is always better than getting the whole thing developed from scratch.  Look for a software development company only as a last option, only when you cannot find what you are looking for in the market.
So here are a few things you should keep in mind while trying to find the right software development company for your organization: (more…)

Earn money with AdSense — advantages and disadvantages

Earn money with AdSense — advantages and disadvantages

There is a very remote chance that you have been browsing the Internet and haven’t come across AdSense advertisements. The ubiquitous add links can be seen on every website that regularly publishes content. You will find AdSense links on websites providing professional services too, although this is not recommended because it sends your valuable traffic away and it also conveys the message that since you are not doing enough business you are trying to generate some extra cash with the help of AdSense ads.
Ever since millions of people started publishing content on the Internet Google invented a novel way of displaying ads and provided an opportunity to the publishers to earn some good money. The AdSense links are not only used by amateur publishers they are also a significant source of income for mainstream media publishers such as newspapers and video websites. (more…)

Ten tips on agile software development

Agile software development process is one of the fastest emerging software development methodologies in the IT industry.
What exactly does agile software development process mean?

It means developing software in an iterative manner and every single iteration of programming is a complete software solution in itself.  This way the customer receives working software very quickly, but in small portions.  Many software companies including Ecomsolutions Inc have adopted agile software development technique to deliver high-quality software products in short time.  Here are a few things you should take care of before switching to the agile software development process: (more…)

Tips to Get You Top Search Engine Rankings

1 Make your site focused and relevant
2 Write lots of search engine friendly content
3 Acquire relevant inbound links
4 Ensure that inbound anchor text is relevant
5 Utilize deep linking
6 Use alt tags
7 Create a sitemap
8 Optimize your title tags
9 Write and submit articles and press releases
10 Submit  sitemap of your website to the search engines

SQL Injection Attacks, Easy To Prevent, But Apparently Still Ignored

I was just on a web site (no, not a ColdFusion powered site, and no I will not name names) browsing for specific content. The URLs used typical name=value query string conventions, and so I changed the value to jump to the page I wanted. And I made a typo and added a character to the numeric value. The result? An invalid SQL error message.That’s bad. Very very bad. It means that I was able to create a SQL statement that was submitted to the database for processing, a SQL statement that was passed to the database as is, unchecked.

You’d think that by now we’d have learned to lock down our code so as to prevent SQL injection attacks, but apparently this is not the case. You do not know what a SQL injection attack is? Well, read on.

Consider the following simple dynamic ColdFusion query: (more…)

Programming Project Mistakes to Avoid

There is a lot that can go wrong with any technology project, and in many cases overlong delays, overstretched budgets and complete failures do occur. In the software industry, it is certainly not news when a implementing a project plan doesn’t go as smoothly as originally intended.

Here are five of the biggest project mistakes to avoid:

1) Hire a team of inferior developers

Conceptualizing, creating and implementing new software is challenging work, to say the least, and many so-called programmers simply aren’t up to the task. It would behoove anyone planning to initiate a new project to develop a comprehensive series of tests that will be able to ascertain, with a high degree of certainty, the level of competence for each programmer hired for your team. Just accepting someone’s resume at ‘face-value’ is no good. Demonstrated competence in specific program areas should be the absolute minimum during the hiring process. (more…)

Professional vs. Non-professional Programming Firms

For any business client, there is a huge potential difference in the quality of the services rendered when comparing professional and non-professional firms in the software programming market. At EcomSolutions, Inc., it is our sincere belief that 99% of the firms fall into the latter category.

To differentiate between professional and non-professional firms, the former (representing only 1% of the industry) are larger in size and scope, and can afford to properly design the project architecture. They also carry enough insurance to ensure that the project is successfully carried through to completion. (more…)

Extreme Programming

One of the specialized programming techniques utilized by EcomSolutions, Inc., for the benefit of certain clients, is known as “extreme programming.” The method features a high degree of simplicity, communication and feedback. In it, the entire programming team communicates continuously, allowing for enough feedback to instantly fine-tune all aspects of the project.

Planning and tracking is a key part of extreme programming to move the project forward to completion as expeditiously as possible. Utilizing this technique is aimed at producing highly-integrated end-products that pass all usability tests. (more…)

Networking: Cisco, Security

EcomSolutions, Inc. offers expert consulting for Cisco networking systems and network security. In many businesses, networking systems have evolved haphazardly, creating a situation where data is stored and utilized inefficiently, maintenance requirements are costly, security is poor, and routine modifications turn into major problems.

However, Cisco’s network products and tools support efficient models of data center architecture, which allows for continuing improvements in server utilization, storage, connectivity, and all applications in a controllable and cost-effective manner. (more…)

Microsoft .NET Services

EcomSolutions, Inc. features a team of expert consultants who are completely conversant with the complexity and integration demands for the newest generation of Microsoft .NET servers. We have both hands-on expertise and extensive knowledge in designing and implementing effective start-to-finish business technology solutions.

Our consulting services include the following applications: (more…)


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