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Web Development – Your Website and Business Objectives

What do you have in mind when you are involved in a Web Development Project or if you have hired a team of designers and developers for your web development project?  Do you merely want “a killer” Website that looks awesome, or do you want a Website that proactively promotes and conducts your business on the Internet?  We are positively sure that the latter would be your answer.

Whenever you are involved in a Web Development Project you always look at it from the perspective of your fundamental business objective; if it is just the design that overwhelms your development decisions then at some point or the other you tend to get off the mark and you don’t achieve what you intend to achieve from your Website.  We don’t mean to claim that design doesn’t play an important part in fetching your business; but it is the functionality, the ease of use, and the working of your Website that eventually turns it into a successful Web Development Project.

Whenever we start a new Web Development Project we make a list of the following:
•    What the client intends to achieve through the Website
•    What are the short-term and long-term business objectives of the client vis-à-vis the Website
•    What sort of targeted audience is expected to visit the Website
•    The demographics of the projected/intended traffic
•    The nature of business
•    The nature of content on the Website
•    The level of expertise of the people who are going to manage and maintain the Website
•    The platform on which the Website needs to be developed
These facts enable us to develop a Website that entirely caters to the right audience, maximizing business prospects in the process.  The user experience on a Website should be enjoyable and effortless so that customers and clients only have to focus on the transaction rather than trying to figure out how to do business with you.  Everything is at the right place so that your user can navigate your Website intuitively rather than consciously figuring things out and getting confused at some point.

This is in my opinion how Web Development Projects should progresses in sync with overall business objectives.


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