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Don’t let your legacy applications hold you back.

There was a time when your legacy application was cutting-edge and you derived amazing results from it. But somewhere it stopped growing with you.

Ecomsolutions Inc. can help you modernize you legacy application using ColdFusion. Without hindering your day-to-day business operations our team of programmers and software engineers will completely overhaul your obsolete legacy application; turning it into a state-of-the-art marvel. And in case modernization is not possible right now we can even provide you dedicated expertise so that you can keep using your existing legacy application without compromising on contemporary functionalities.

It doesn’t matter if you have lost touch with the original programmers or if no documentation exists; we are in the habit of deciphering the most obscure lines of programming code and turning them into highly functional applications. Our well-proven and tested development methodologies ensure you a properly documented and laid out application so that you don’t end up with another obsolete legacy application after a couple of years.

Whether your legacy application was built using ColdFusion (our forte at Ecomsolutions Inc.) or in other programming languages such as PHP or ASP we will convert it to a ColdFusion 8 application so that you can take advantage of the latest that technology can offer.

Your software applications need to keep pace with the fast changing technologies and trends; what many call a state of “timelessness”. Sadly, most of our software applications are not timeless and if they are not upgraded frequently they begin to lag behind. Consequently, they cease to take advantage of the ever-changing world of software programming and information technology.

Most of the progress made by the world in general remains unexploited simply because your legacy application is out of date. Your competitors are making long strides forward and your legacy application, instead of helping you grow, holds you back and restrains your march forward. You either have to shelve your growth and expansion plans or make expensive adjustments. There emerges a big gap between what you have and what you need. Ecomsolutions Inc is here to fill that gap. We can help you

Modernize and re-engineer your ColdFusion legacy applications.
Port your existing ColdFusion, PHP and ASP legacy applications to ColdFusion 8.
Maintain your existing legacy applications.
Provide technical expertise so that you can keep using your legacy applications without having to upgrade them.
Evaluate your modernization needs.
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