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E-Commerce and Social Media Marketing

Social networking web sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been dominating most Internet users’ time when on the web. However, these sites are not just for social interaction, but can be used to help market your e-commerce store.

E-commerce and social media marketing are a great combination for making sure that your site gets seen by users on social networking sites. In fact, social media marketing will help boost your site’s visibility, traffic and e-commerce sales. Studies have shown that the link between e-commerce and social media marketing will provide just as much advertising results as traditional methods, such as print or broadcast advertisements. Also, because marketing through social media has become such a viable way to promote a brand or business, if you avoid doing the same, your store will suffer from being behind the curve of the competition.

If you are new to social media marketing, it is quite simple to figure out how to tailor it to your online store. The easiest way to start is to sign up for a Twitter account for your site. This service allows users to post short 140 character messages called “tweets” to anyone who is following them on the site. Many users even have Twitter connected to their mobile phone, meaning they get alerts of new tweets from any location. The convenience of Twitter is that you can quickly announce sales or new products for your store to a wide array of potential customers and they will receive the message immediately.

Facebook is another social networking site you can not avoid when marketing through social media, as it is the largest and most used social network on the Internet. Create a “page” on Facebook and users will be able to add you and get updates when you post them. Some online businesses have even used their Facebook pages for giveaways, exclusive sales and many other incentives that will make users want to check out their page. Also, Facebook has paid advertising deals that can promote your store to users who have not added your page.

Lastly, uploading videos to YouTube will make your store more visible on online searches and provide customers with a better look at your products. Because YouTube is free and digital video clips are quick and easy to produce, it is a perfect solution for working with e-commerce and social media marketing.


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