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What Video Can Do For E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce sites need to be ahead of any technological curves to make sure that they do not lose customers to competing online stores. One of the most popular additions to hit Internet stores are video clips embedded into product pages. By using videos on a store page, it gives the visitor a chance to see the details of product in a way that a still image would not allow. It also can be used to make the product look more appealing, similar to how television shopping channels demonstrate products to make potential customers more interested.

If you are wondering “What can video do for e-commerce?” then take a look at what adding videos has done for many of the most popular online stores that have recently began adding video clips. For example, Zappos has seen a 24 percent increase on sales of items that have had videos added that feature a demonstration of the product being sold. Essentially, these videos allow users to see what exactly they are buying, which makes them more likely to follow through on their purchase. Create a video that shows the product being taken from its packaging and include clips of the product actually being used to get the best results.

Videos are very easy to add into your e-commerce development project. Many different hosting sites are available for videos, including YouTube, Vimeo and Oculu. After creating videos for your site, you can upload the files to one of these services. Once the file is uploaded, an HTML code can be generated to embed the clip directly to the page for the item on your store. Now, when a customer views the item, videos will also appear for them to watch.

Also, videos added to an e-commerce store will help in bringing more visitors to the website. Search engines like Google include a special section for videos when users are searching for a particular item and you can use search engine optimization tricks to make sure that your videos will appear before your competitors. This includes providing accurate title and description tags, backlinks to your web page, incoming links from other sites and RSS feeds and many other factors.

Once you get started in producing and uploading videos for your online store, you won’t be asking “What can video do for e-commerce?” and instead wonder “How did online stores manage without this fantastic promotional tool?”


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