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What Makes A Good E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce storeThe Internet arguably one of the most important invention of the 20th century. It allows information to spread like wildfire; breaking news is what happened on Twitter fifteen seconds ago, entire encyclopedias are editable by anyone, and colleges and universities continue to offer great services to their students. But the real reason the Internet has grown so quickly and become ubiquitous is money. Plain and simple, the Internet has reduced barriers of all kinds for both businesses and consumers alike, and it is this driving economic force that continues to drive innovation and development on the web. (more…)

Difference between Web Design and Web Development

Although both are subjects that have been greatly discussed over the years, confusion still sits with what the differences are. If an average person on the street should be asked, they may reply that they are the same thing, no matter what they are told otherwise. Although they are easy to confuse, there are differences. While the information below does not cover everything, it should nonetheless be put under consideration by the reader. Knowing the Difference between Web Design and Web Development can help a person in their pursuit to put together a website or simply educate themselves. (more…)

Why Do People Leave a Website?

The Internet has taught people that instantaneous is best. Whether it is streaming music, movies, or television, purchasing items online and having them shipped to your door, or ordering a pizza for dinner in thirty minutes, the general Internet user’s attention span is extremely short. As such, it is important to have a well designed, interactive website if you want customers to stick around. You may be asking yourself “Why do people leave a website?” There are a multitude of reasons that people may choose to leave and this post will explore a few of those, as well as some simple solutions to retain your customer’s interest. (more…)

What Video Can Do For E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce sites need to be ahead of any technological curves to make sure that they do not lose customers to competing online stores. One of the most popular additions to hit Internet stores are video clips embedded into product pages. By using videos on a store page, it gives the visitor a chance to see the details of product in a way that a still image would not allow. It also can be used to make the product look more appealing, similar to how television shopping channels demonstrate products to make potential customers more interested. (more…)

Mura CMS – Handling your Content

Websites these days have tons of information and most of it is dynamic; a quick, easy way to adjust certain parts of the site without affecting others is needed. This is where Content Management Systems (CMS) come in. CMS provide a simple, intuitive way to manage a large collection of data with the ease of automation, built in functions, and other helpful tricks. One of the biggest names in this market is Mura. (more…)

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

ColdFusion xxs Cross-Site Scripting XSS is a common malicious online attack in which hackers inject harmful coding script into web pages in order to steal sensitive information. The Adobe ColdFusion programming language creates powerful web pages that connect seamlessly with databases. Wise businesses trust in ColdFusion experts to write, organize and maintain coding script to provide the best security wall so that XSS assaults will fail. (more…)

Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week

ColdFusion development conferenceAdobe is hosting a series of live ColdFusion webinars hosted by ColdFusion experts. These webinars will cover a wide variety of topics ranging from what cold fusion is, to advanced topics like ColdFusion Builder extensions. The ColdFusion developer week has something for everyone.

For information on how to sign up. Checkout the adobe site

Web Apps, What are they and what can they do for your business

Web applications are the future of Internet marketing. Building something in HTML 5 and distributing it to the whole web all at once is the fastest and easiest way to reach the most customers. Web software like Gmail is a good example of what web applications can do. Web application developers have the highest potential for getting hired on jobs because most business owners are developing for the web before they develop for isolated platforms like IOS and Android. (more…)


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