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Difference between Web Design and Web Development

Although both are subjects that have been greatly discussed over the years, confusion still sits with what the differences are. If an average person on the street should be asked, they may reply that they are the same thing, no matter what they are told otherwise. Although they are easy to confuse, there are differences. While the information below does not cover everything, it should nonetheless be put under consideration by the reader. Knowing the Difference between Web Design and Web Development can help a person in their pursuit to put together a website or simply educate themselves.

Web Designer

A web designer plays their own important role in how a website comes together. They are responsible for coming up with a visual design that is both appealing and professional, depending on the needs of the client. If an individual should choose to go without a designer, they may find themselves with a layout that others, particularly potential customers, will reject. A pleasant color scheme, along with suitable graphics and an easy to understand setup, catch the attention of the people that visit. They will want to come back again, additionally spreading the word to their friends and family members.

Web Developer

Web Development has a different place when it comes to making a website public. They do not spend hours drawing up a layout for the website. They do not take on worries such as what is an appropriate color scheme and what users will find visually appealing. A web developer simply focuses on the technical aspects of the project. In other words, they work behind the scenes to make sure that everything is running as it should. To them, the important part is making sure that people can navigate properly, and that links and forms work as they should.

The Difference between Web Design and Web Development has been a subject of discussion for quite some time, whether those wondering are average Internet users or a manager at a business. Because they are similar, or at least appear to be, many people confuse them. They do not understand how they could be two different things, regardless of what they may have been told. However, as the information above will show, there are noticeable differences. These two different jobs, whether a person is looking for Web Development or Web Design, they should consider choosing a company that has an understanding of both so they get exactly what they want from their website.


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