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Windows: SQL Server, Oracle Databases

EcomSolutions, Inc. offers expert programming and consulting services to clients in the deployment and administration/maintenance of leading databases such as SQL Server and Oracle in a Windows environment.

As industry leaders know, effective database development and administration are more important than ever. As a result, it is vital that organizations have access to database professionals who possess the expertise to build, implement and maintain their repositories of data, as well as keeping them secure.

SQL Server

For many, SQL Server has become a requirement for proper utilization of some of the leading front-end software systems such as:

• Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
• System Center Operations Manager
• Windows Server Update Services
• Forefront Security Server
• Microsoft Office SharePoint Server


SQL servers are among the favorite targets for Internet hackers, thus one of the primary concerns for any business involves the safeguarding their data to shield themselves from the consequences of possible attacks. Consulting with EcomSolutions, Inc. will ensure that this goal is met.

Most attacks are aimed at the operating system, where a would-be intruder’s attempts to gain administrative privileges to the system on which the service is being run in order to have full access to the stored data. SQL databases must be empowered to limit access, as a method of preventing such an eventuality.

Other measures that EcomSolutions, Inc. will implement to safeguard your system:

• Individual database users should not have direct access to data tables
• Users should only be able to access data with the use of functions, procedures or views

Building an SQL database utilizing safe principles is an essential step to create an application that will allow an organization to reach a high level of data security.

Locating performance issues within an existing SQL database system can be a daunting task. The following problems can be avoided with proper implementation:

• Missing indexes
• Disk bottlenecks
• Memory bottlenecks
• Improper joins

The noted problems can be prevented through such measures as:

• Query plan reuse
• Reducing compiles and recompiles
• Facilitating sort operations
• Allowing effective table/index scans
• Facilitating multithreaded operations Oracle

When working with Oracle databases, EcomSolutions, Inc. ensures that the following service areas are taken care of, among others:

• Database protection
• Backups

Database Protection

Databases should be constructed with the ultimate goals of protecting against data loss, minimizing downtown and achieving maximum performance.

Included in the procedures that EcomSolutions, Inc. follows:

• Enabling a log mode that allows for changes to the database that can be reapplied during recovery
• Reducing disk contention and speeding up disk writing
• Separating backup logs from files containing data to protect from data loss on a disk crash
• Allowing for mirroring to keep multiple copies of changes made to the database.
• Creating multiple control files
• Building multiple archive log directories


The following files should be included, for both “cold” and “hot” backups:

• Data files
• Control files
• Redo log files
• Archive log files
• Initialization parameter files
• Password files
• Archiving to tape is a key step

Following the above procedures, among other steps, will guarantee that your vital business data is safe, even in the event of a catastrophic crash.

All of this, and much more, can be accomplished with EcomSolutions, Inc’s proven database solutions.



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