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Unix: Applications and Databases

EcomSolutions, Inc. provides expert consulting services to clients in deployment and administration of middleware products such as Websphere, Weblogic and database products Oracle and DB2 in Unix environments.

It has been proven many times over that information dissemination is a key strategic asset for any business, and effectively leveraging such information allows the best organizations to outperform their competitors and form more substantial relationships with suppliers and customers. By hiring us, a firm will automatically give itself that competitive edge


In addition to the noted middleware products mentioned, we support all underlying ERPs and ERMs for the Unix operating system

The following services are among the many provided for our clients:

• Installation and configuration of application servers in a clustering environment.
• Ascertaining the complexities of infrastructure design and maintenance
• Analyzing architecture and security issues
• Hardening production environments.
• Assisting in all aspects of deploying J2EE applications
• Connecting to back-end resources.
• Providing development and production environments.
• Locating performance bottlenecks
• Tuning existing applications servers
• Monitoring applications servers
• Developing backup and restore policies.


Our team of experienced database administrators can provide a wide variety of services, such as the design and architecture for new database systems, flawlessly maintaining large production systems, setting up remote database administration systems, and rigorous performance tuning.

When designing a new database, EcomSolutions, Inc. will set up:

• User requirements
• Database functionality
• The logical and physical database design
• Data modeling

Areas included in database management are:

• Database architecture and design
• Installations
• Clustering
• Enhancements
• Patches
• Monitoring
• Rebuilding
• Backup/recovery
• Replication
• Capacity planning
• Troubleshooting.

In addressing database performance tuning, we will:

• Improve response time
• Eliminate bottlenecks
• Increase scalability
• Reduce hardware and software costs
• Improve the performance of SQL and PL/SQL.

More Oracle databases are deployed on UNIX systems than any other platform. For that leading database system, we take care of:

• Installation
• Migration
• Upgrades
• Networking
• Security
• Backup and recovery
• Performance tuning
• Capacity planning
• Oracle GUI development tools
• SQL programming.

For new systems, EcomSolutions, Inc’s experts will handle:

• Planning
• Sizing
• Streamlining account management
• Utilizing constraints and other data integrity features
• Incorporating external data into Oracle database systems.

DB2 is the premier enterprise database, and it allows for easy access to anytime/anywhere information integration; streamlines management processes; automates resource tuning; enhances business intelligence; and maximize performance, scalability, and reliability.

EcomSolutions, Inc. provides the following services for DB2:

• Deploying and managing a DB2 database
• Utilizing the best practices for DB2 design and development
• Applying expert techniques for deploying networked, Internet-centered, and XML-based database applications
• Migrating other databases to DB2
• Maximizing database performance, availability, and value
• Incorporating manageability and serviceability enhancements, including new tools for storage management and monitoring database health
• Guaranteeing performance improvement with multidimensional clustering, enhanced prefetching, threading of Java UDFs and stored procedures, and materialized query tables
• Utilizing the GUI tools and DB2 Administration Server improvements
• Providing availability and scalability enhancements
• Incorporating all of the major improvements for developers, including SQL, XML, JDBC, and CLI enhancements

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