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Linux: Web Services (Apache), Databases (MySQL)

EcomSolutions, Inc. has a dedicated team of Linux experts with the ability to develop a strong strategic computer application plan to fit any business. Combining experience with technical knowledge, we work in accordance with the Rational Unified Process (RUP) methodology. This allows us to help businesses:

• Reduce overall costs
• Increase server reliability
• Improve security
• Support future business growth

By contracting with EcomSolutions, Inc. clients benefit from having access to innovative computer software solutions. With the increase in the number of open-source software products, many more businesses are looking for assistance with support in relation to “LAMP” (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) applications. Leading companies, as well as their smaller counterparts, are looking into implementing new systems based on open-source programs. Since many can be downloaded for free, it gives businesses an opportunity to save some on costs that would have been incurred by purchasing proprietary software, like Microsoft or Oracle.

On the cautionary side, open-source software can pose problems due to issues such as version incompatibilities among different products, training for staff to become accustomed to new software, and security.
Linux Server Management Solutions

• Seamless server implementation
• Tailored to each businesses’ needs
• More time can be spent on business development
• Experienced assistance is always available to deal with any issues that arise

Recovery Solutions

• Data is securely stored
• Backup process extensively tested
EcomSolutions, Inc. offers customized Linux support solutions that significantly benefit clients by:

• Assisting with frequently-occurring server support issues
• Managing Linux-based Internet hosting architecture
• Designing and implementing applications based on Apache Web server with PHP and MySQL database.
• Providing solutions involving Java applications
• Allowing for multiple database servers.
• Implementing load-balanced Web servers
• Facilitating security assessments
• Providing patch management and security suggestions
• Building architecture to accommodate for future expansion

EcomSolutions, Inc. possesses extensive Linux knowledge, and any technical challenges are taken care of quickly and professionally. Providing excellent customer service is our goal.



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