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Web development firms proliferate in New York, as do many types of businesses in the business capital of the United States. Given the pervasiveness of the Internet in the American lifestyle and its many markets and applications, some of them quite lucrative, it is hardly surprising that an astoundingly large number of businesses, involved in every aspect of the Web, are thriving in “the city that never sleeps.”

In such a competitive market, a New York Web development firm must differentiate itself from its competitors, or be swallowed up by the market. Rather than advertise themselves as Web “generalists,” some firms have become known for their expertise in dealing with a specific programming language, like ColdFusion or Ajax, or for a certain application in widespread use on the Internet, such as database integration.

In the matter of specialized technologies, EcomSolutions, Inc. has distinguished itself as a leading-edge New York-based custom ColdFusion development firm. The company organizes all of its projects according to the Rational Unified Process (RUP) development process framework, assuring that clients receive dynamic, functional sites that meet or exceed all expectations.

EcomSolutions empowers clients by utilizing its outstanding Publication System 2.3 Content Management Solution (CMS) during Web site construction. They system increases efficiency, enhances productivity, and reduces clients’ overall operating costs, among other benefits. The feature-packed system is one of the company’s best selling points and has evolved and improved with each successive project.

As noted, ColdFusion is the programming language of choice for EcomSolutions. The new edition of the software from Adobe, Version 8, represents a major improvement over previous versions of the software. It enjoys a significant boost in performance, with overall server speed more than four times faster than the previous version.

Getting back to the New York Web development scene, among the most common proficiencies advertised by industry firms is Web design, where the chief focus is to develop a diversity of online designs, featuring various levels of complexity and ease of use. Some utilize pre-made Web templates, while others advertise the fact that their development work is completely original, giving the client a unique look that will stand out from the crowd.

Small Web development firms in New York tout essentially the same professional services as larger Web design and development businesses, but in most cases charge far less – making affordability their chief calling card. Such firms also promote the fact that their goal is to develop closer client relationships than larger outfits are able to.

As previously states, many New York Web development firms specialize in other aspects of the industry, such as building custom Web applications for 3rd party integration. Such a service is critical for larger organizations that need online integration of their accounting, database, payroll and other essential applications. Doing so has proven to both reduce costs and increase productivity.

The lion’s share of the over $1 billion generated on an annual basis by sales over the Internet go to “ecommerce” Web sites that are online extensions of traditional “brick and mortar” stores. Such sites advertise their products as widely as possible, hoping to lure interested parties, who will develop into consistent customers.

According to research, more than 80 percent of online customers visit sites they are interested in several times before they consider buying from it. If a site is either poorly designed, badly organized, or has featured content that isn’t compelling, an ecommerce merchant will have a hard time making successful sales conversions, and may even damage his or her brand. This eventuality is something that Web developers in New York work very hard to avoid. A poorly-performing site reflects badly on its creators.

An important catchphrase in the Web development industry is search engine optimization, or SEO. It is the method by which a Web site is made to be as “friendly” as possible, through its design and placement of its text content, to the major search engine. According to firms who advertise this service, SEO is an essential ingredient to performing well in the search engines, thus boosting a company’s online visibility.

SEO firms, many of them from New York, start by creating relevant copy for a Web site’s visitors, then using acceptable practices, design and develop search engine friendly “doorway” Web pages that completely comply with search engine standards.

New York Web development covers all types of industries, such as real estate, construction, non-profits, educational institutions, governments – both national and local, directories, social networking, subscription-based, ecommerce, and many other sub-designations.

Among all of them, EcomSolutions stands out for its professionalism and commitment to excellence. Among Web development firms, even in New York, such a stance is a rare commodity.



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