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SSL and ColdFusion error 500

Your ColdFusion Website may yield errors related to SSL and the Java Environment, typically returning a 500 – internal server error or re-routing clients to the logon page. They won’t be able to make purchases or transactions.  If your ColdFusion Website has an E-Commerce component, or accepts payments via Merchant Accounts, Gateways, or credit card processing engines such as then you might already be looking for a fix.

This happens because the certificate issuing authority is not registered in the security keystore in the JVM that ColdFusion is running on top of. The problem can be solved by troubleshooting the SSL certificate for the Website or running Service. A ColdFusion programmer with administrative rights on the server can work on the SSL certificate into your ColdFusion Environment and help let your transactions / payments go through again.

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How do I know I need help?

  • I have ColdFusion and my customers can’t buy my products
  • We are getting a ColdFusion 500 internal server error
  • I am trying to buy something and I am being re-routed to logon
  • I can’t make a transaction or a purchase on a ColdFusion Server
  • I am having an SSL error related to

Designing a Mobile-Friendly Website

How to build Mobile-Friendly Websites

According to Thomas Petty, President of Bay Area Search Engine Academy, there are three ways to build mobile-friendly websites:

(1)    Using the latest Cascading Style Sheets, a website design that is mobile-responsive can be set up by you. This mobile device display’s optimization method is preferred by Google and allows for the rearranging, displaying or hiding of information across various devices. The devices include smartphones and desktop PCs. Petty claims that the content is simply hidden or rearranged depending on which device, but all content is equally served. Read the rest of this entry »

Will the New Google Algorithm Find Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

PrintGet Ready for New Google Algorithm Change: Mobilize or Be Penalized

In today’s market, corporations are well aware of the grave effects algorithm changes of Google can have. Having suffered when some such as Demand Media or used SEO for bolstering their brand and ignoring the poor content they were publishing is a lesson they will not forget easily. The result of Panda, Google’s 2011 algorithmic change, led the way for the creation of higher quality writing.

Penguin, another of Google’s algorithm changes, targeted sites with poor quality links in 2012. These links led users to poor quality content and their sites were, therefore, severely penalized in ranking by Google. Basically, irrelevant information caused sites to suffer with ranking in Google.

The word is out for Google’s next algorithm change. If your site is not mobile-friendly by April 21st, it will be penalized in its ranking. It may actually be removed from the mobile search index of Google. Maybe your site looks great and works well when a person visits it from a desktop computer, but how does it look and work from a cell phone or tablet? You most definitely should check this out and make necessary changes by April 21st.

What is Google’s reason for this new algorithm change? Since consumers are using mobile devices more and more, Google believes that businesses should get in step with the times. Sites will now be ranked according to the convenience they offer to the mobile-user. The ranking elements Google will be using are listed below.

Sites must:

  1. Avoid software such as Flash which is not usable on mobile devices. According to Adobe, “Flash Player for mobile devices is officially dead”.
  2. Use readable text without zooming.
  3. Size content to allow users to view it on the screen without having to zoom or scroll horizontally.
  4. Space links apart far enough to allow the correct link to be easily tapped.


Mobilegeddon Is Here!

When conference speakers at last month’s Search Marketing Expo (SMX) West were asked their main takeaways, one response was definitely a sign of the times. “Mobile, mobile, mobile,” was the answer of the senior manager of content marketing for Kenshoo, Kelly Wrather. “I want to grab every website designer and tell them mobile is the thing! It’s the only thing!”

A frequent discussion topic at previous SMX shows has been mobile-optimized websites’ importance. However, this year a sense of urgency was apparent since “Mobilegeddon,” as it is called by some, was due to arrive anytime.

For the past two years, a search ranking factor has been website mobile-friendliness. According to founder and CEO of AudienceBloom, Jayson DeMers, “Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will see a more negative impact in search visibility than they may already be seeing, and mobile-optimized sites may be rewarded even greater in search rankings.”

Google noted in its June, 2013, Webmaster Central Blog it plans to initiate several ranking changes soon. Google further warned that sites misconfigured for smartphone users will be addressed by these ranking changes.

At the same time, Google pointed out two common mistakes that cause websites to convey poor mobile experiences:

Mistake # 1: Sending smartphone users to a single mobile page due to defective redirects to their site pages listed in search results — For instance, the redirects send users to the home page and not a mobile-optimized version users are seeking.

Mistake #2: Errors of only smartphones – These take place when users of smartphones click Web pages in search results’ listings and receive only error messages.

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What is the Difference Between Adaptive and Responsive Design?

When your website serves both desktop and mobile users, it has to display properly across many devices. Adaptive and responsive designs use different delivery methods to provide this functionality.

Adaptive web design (AWD) uses an approach called progressive enhancement to present your site in a format suitable for each device that visitors use to access it. Starting with HTML templates designed for separate screen sizes, AWD then applies CSS styling and finally device-specific JavaScript to ensure a seamless experience. Only the relevant template is downloaded, which allows any included media to be optimized for mobile visitors. Read the rest of this entry »

SSLv3 Poodle Vulnerability Exploit

We have good news and bad news about the Poodle SSLv3 vulnerability…

The good news is We can Fix it! Send us an e-mail or call us

The bad news is that there’s a brand new vulnerability out there related to the latest version of the Secure Sockets Layer protocol and your Servers or your computers might be at risk.


What you need to know:

POODLE is a padding oracle attack affecting Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) version 3 and in particular, CBC-mode ciphers. This vulnerability opens the door for possible man-in-the-middle attacks.

There is no patch yet, but this issue can be manually resolved by a Technician

You will need this done “yesterday” if you have sensitive information on your Servers or computers


Contact us if you need to protect your Servers

Watch the YouTube videos in Smartphones, Laptops – Videoder for PC

For the starters, the Videoder application is one interesting application for entertainment. This app allows the user to stream favorite videos clips. Firstly the app is a Smartphone app but now it is also available on PC or Laptop too.  Viewers can view the downloaded videos for free form the top videos streaming sites. Apart from videos the user can also stream movies too. There is a separate option available for that. The app can be used on almost all devices because the user gets movie download and video download effortlessly. By using this app the user can watch the YouTube videos in Smartphones, Laptops and the PC Windows too. The Videoder options are user-friendly, effective and simple too for all its users.

The beta version of the Videoder apk was given out for user review earlier. The apk developers, however, took back the beta version upon the availability of the Videoder full version. To download and successfully use the Videoder app one must first install interface software. If the user wants to download and use the Videoder app on PC he must first install the Android to PC emulator. bluestacks for Windows 10 With this, the PC changes to an Android device. The user can then download the Android apps for free. There are several other reasons to emulate the Android to the PC Windows. Sometimes this is used for gaming purposes.

Videoder App for PC Windows Features

We will be giving some of the various entertaining features from Videoder App. The user can download the application and view videos from around the globe. You can share these video clips to your friends and family. The streaming sometimes stops when you try to stream videos directly online. Using this videoder app the user can stream their favorite quality videos without any disturbance. So the streaming process is also easier. With this app the user can also put pause the downloading video and resume it at a later point in time. The user can also download audios apart from videos by using the Videoder App on PC Windows. The user can easily download audios and videos using Single Manage Download Screen. While the video is streaming itself you get to watch a video. This means if you do not like the video you do not have to download it.

Videoder App for PC Windows Emulator

This is a very simple app for users that makes video streaming as well as audio download very simple. However, this app is a Smartphone application. This means you require an Android Operating System Emulator to run on your Windows Operating System PC. There are several Android to PC Windows Emulators that are available. One most popular and easiest Android to PC Windows Emulators that the user can install on his PC is BlueStacks. This BlueStacks Emulator has been used for quite a long time by several users across the world. So using this Android to PC Emulator a user can install the Videoder App easily.

ColdFusion 11 Overview Video

Turning your Website PCI Compliant

You turned your Website PCI Compliant! Is it enough?

Some IT Specialists argue that turning your Webstite PCI Compliant is a mere drop in the ocean when it comes to Website and Data Security. There have been several instances where IT Security Professionals haven’t been impressed by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Should you worry about PCI? We strongly believe you shouldn’t, and here is why: I don’t think there is anything in this world that can be called totally secure, or that can guarantee nothing will ever fail. Turning your Website PCI compliant is like installing gutters on your newly built house. Will they guarantee water won’t EVER drip on the walls? NO. But be sure they will protect your house from rain and water. Having your Website PCI Compliant provides a baseline for Security of your Web Systems. Read the rest of this entry »

Grand tour of Manhattan, New York, USA

Embed this code to your site:

SHSAT Practice Test for iPad

SHSAT Practice Test for iPad
Very soon, New York City students will be able to practice SHSAT tests for the Math section on their iPads. As innovative as the iPad, the practice tests will be at the fingertips of the students, allowing them to take it anywhere they would like. You can find out more in our iOS / iPad Section.

What is the SHSAT Test?
Students in the 8th and 9th grade in New York city that wish to be admitted to one of the NYC Specialized High Schools must take the Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT). This is a timed grid / multiple-choice test that contains Math and Verbal sections. The results are computed and reported as scale scores and are based on the number of correctly answered questions combined with the level of difficulty for each question. Students are then ranked based on their scores and are assigned to a Specialized High School depending on their rank, the priority in which they elected schools, and the number seats available at each school.


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