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Advantages of Mobile Website Optimization


Advantages of Mobile Website Optimization

The Mobile Reality

Mobile is the new reality. If you’re thinking of creating or redesigning a website, it’s important to have your mind on mobile features. It doesn’t exactly take a scientific study to realize how prevalent mobile devices are in today’s society. People of all ages are now interacting with friends, family members, celebrities and brands in a continuous loop using mobile devices. Not upgrading your brand’s online identity to a mobile platform is like asking to be ignored. Of course, you can’t just throw together a quick mobile site and hope for the best. You need to be proactive about crafting an efficient, engaging site that gives users what they’re looking for immediately. If you’ve been putting off going mobile, time is running out before you get left behind in a big way. The good news is that it’s still not too late to learn about the things that make a mobile website such an important feature. Take a moment to learn about the real advantages to creating a mobile page to see how an upgraded website can enhance your brand.

Smooth User Experience
A website that doesn’t load on mobile devices is a website that frustrates people. As any marketer knows, creating a frustrating, time-consuming experience for people is a huge mistake. How does a mobile site help when someone is browsing your page in a hurry? Mobile websites are specifically designed to display beautifully on mobile devices. If you rely on a normal website, your visitors will be left dealing with images that are choppy or unable to load. Research in the world of website usability shows that pages that are optimized for mobile use result in significantly higher levels of satisfaction among users. That elevated level of satisfaction will cause users to have a positive impression of your service or brand right off the bat.

Smarter Than App Development
Do you know how much incentive it takes to click on an app and download it? It is kind of hard to believe that brands were scrambling to develop clunky apps just a few short years ago. The theory was that a brand needed to have a customized app for users to download. It didn’t take very long to realize that many mobile users just don’t have the time or incentive to clog their devices with excessive apps. Users want to access sites without any strings attached. A mobile site is far superior to an app because it offers instant access without very much thought. The big problem with apps is that they are expensive and time-consuming to develop. What’s more, an app can quickly become outdated and need upgrades. You’ll already have headaches to deal with before you even get into the topics of bugs, download errors or viruses. Apps can also disappear when users upgrade their phones. It goes without saying that website apps just aren’t customer-friendly.

The Speed Advantage
In this fast-paced world, a person could lose interest in your website between the time they click on a link and the time a first image loads. There are simply too many amazing things happening on the Internet for people to wait around for your slow page to load. This makes it very important for you to know that websites that aren’t optimized for mobile use load much slower than websites that are. You have mere seconds to grab and keep the attention of users in the digital world. The reality is that fickle users could be jumping to a competitor’s website by the time yours can display fully. Luckily, a mobile page is designed to load at the speed of lightning.

Immediate Interaction
Why put obstacles in the way of a user looking to purchase or consume what you’re putting out there. Make your site a one-stop shop for all of the information visitors are looking for. Click-to-call options, mapping functions, live chat and other features allow users to get what they need without visiting multiple pages. Location-aware technology can also provide you with a huge boost because it will connect nearby users to your website.

Brand Relevance
When your website is mobile, users can take it everywhere. Giving users the ability to carry your brand in their pockets in a virtual sense strengthens your brand’s identify and relevance.

People don’t just shop or search for content at home. You need to make sure your page is there when people are out in the world making purchasing decisions or searching for information while on the go. Decisions about what to buy, where to eat, attractions to visit and which movies to watch are all made in cars or on city sidewalks these days. If you’re sitting around waiting for people to do Google searches at their desktop computers to find you, you’ve already fallen behind.

Modern Advertising Opportunities
The way brands advertise has gone through a serious revolution in the past five years. Mobile advertising truly represents the future of marketing. While this can seem scary and overwhelming, it is actually a positive development for brands. In fact, mobile advertising may help you reach your targeted audience while spending less money. Mobile advertising platforms offer unprecedented precision when it comes to identifying and reaching an audience. Some brands make the mistake of advertising on mobile platforms without creating a mobile website for visitors to land on. If maximum ROI is to be attained, mobile ads need to lead to pages that are optimized for mobile devices.

Mobile Pages Are Part of the Whole Picture
In an ideal world, users on their mobile devices would be able to make your site a part of their lives even when they’re not surfing it. Remember the days when people used to write things down? Those days are beyond over. You need to be able to sync up your mobile identify with the real world if you want to make a true impact. Mobile devices are amazing because they close that frustrating gap that used to keep online media and offline media disconnected. QR codes and other scanning programs allow users to scan things in the real world and have related data appear on their devices. This opens up a world where product packaging, magazines, brochures and billboards can act as portals to your online world.

It’s Happening
Have you looked around lately? Mobile devices are part of our reality. The mobile revolution is taking place whether or not your brand is coming along for the ride. The only choices you have are to keep up or fall behind. The good news is that creating a mobile site isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think. It can be easy to transfer all of the information, resources and features on your current website to a mobile platform without losing your carefully crafted online identity. In fact, a mobile layout may actually make the content you already have easier to digest. A great mobile site should feature stunning images, clearly marked icons and interactive features. These details signal to users that they can find what they’re looking for without becoming frustrated.





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