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Responsive Design on the ColdFusion Environment

As the amount of internet traffic served to mobile devices is on the rise, Responsive web design is becoming more and more important. The mobile trend is so popular that Google has started penalizing websites that aren’t mobile-friendly, and will boost the ones that have a Responsive mobile architecture, especially for searches originating on a mobile device. Let’s admit it: people like to be confortable and they are likely to be on the run, favoring the use of mobile devices. Meaning in the near, as well as the far future,  mobile usage (this includes mobile phones and tablets) will surely surpass desktop usage globally.

ColdFusion websites are undoubtedly affected by the Mobile & Responsive trend, and therefore need to be adjusted so that they comply not only to Google’s standard, but with the internet itself, which is turning increasingly mobile. Adobe’s ColdFusion engine and platform serves a wide range of fields, from Healthcare, to Publications, Government, and E-Commerce. So what is a ColdFusion E-Commerce website that is not being Responsive? I can assure you that it will miss the people that are shopping on their phones, during their commute,  on the beach, and from the comfort of their tablet while lounging in their beds. And if you own or employ a ColdFusion website you don’t want to be on that side. You want to have a ColdFusion Responsive System!

With Responsive web design you only have to make one version of your ColdFusion website to serve all devices. That includes desktops, laptops, mobile phones, phablets, and tablets. CSS “media queries” detect the device type and he site is then resized accordingly using a fluid CSS layout. Adopting a single template delivers the same pages, including images and media, to every device regardless of screen size or available connection speed.

Make sure you provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience for your subscribers and customers that visit and shop your ColdFusion website. Go with Responsive Design as soon as you can and give them the easy reading and navigation with virtually no resizing, panning and scrolling across a wide range of mobile devices (from desktop computers to laptops to mobile phones and tablets).

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