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Lost iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 a Media Ploy by Apple?

Apple has a history of being a very private company. Stemming from its roots with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, both having personalities that keep intimate matters close at hand, Apple is never one to divulge its secrets; without a plan, that is. Apple cultivates a following and brand loyalty that is close to unheard of, not only in the tech industry, but anywhere. The secret to their success on this matter is their deliberate release of key information at key times to bolster buzz and maximize free publicity.

As many are aware, according to Cnet, Apple has recently lost a second iPhone, the iPhone 5 prototype. Those who recall last summer’s fiasco remember the phone being left at a bar, taken and then sold to Gizmodo for device images, review, and teardown information. It seems odd that a second unreleased prototype would go missing in much the same manner. Simply put, this may all be a giant publicity stunt for Apple.

There is no secret that a new iPhone 5 is in the works. Rumors have been circulating for months about which processor, screen, and form factor will be used. In addition to technology websites, Apple may be starting to tire out mainstream media. They have established a solid brand with tremendous customer loyalty and have an immense market share in the states. Apple is no longer the underdog; the company has been valued as the single most valuable company in the world, and it’s hard to keep everyone balking in awe with every new release. Innovation is expected as the norm, and this has slowly tired out broadcast media.

The fastest way to disseminate information is a scandal, and Apple has managed to manufacture one just for their liking. Even a quick survey of top news sites has the stolen iPhone prototype at least mentioned, which at this point is all Apple needs. Just as Apple has always innovated to create new products by giving consumers what they want, so are they now leaking just enough information to keep its customers hanging for an official word?


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