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Google’s App Engine Moves Developers to iOS

Google’s App Engine service is starting to get some mainstream attention, though it’s attention for all of the wrong reasons. A recent price increase for its service is having many developers question their commitment to this brand and offering.

The Google App Engine is a service designed to host web apps. With it,

The method of calculating CPU time has transitioned between a primarily resource driven price structure to one of front-end usage. This means that even applications that have very low bandwidth and resource requirements but that are constantly running will see a huge price increase. Some sources have reported that an application that used to cost around $3 a day to run is going to hit $70 by November when the complete transition is complete.

The biggest problem that this is going to have for Google is the transition by developers from Google services to other platforms. Android Developers are now more restricted to Google’s APIs and huge price increases, especially if they are taking advantage of the App Engine. This could lead android developers to transition to being iPad and iPhone developers as Apple has a brilliantly simple payment plan. While they do charge a heft percentage for their mobile apps, it is the same across the board without deviation.

While some developers may choose to transition away from Google, the most haunting issue is the lack of new blood coming into their ecosystem. With the cost of entry now catapulting ahead, a rise in iOS development will probably be seen. This only makes the problem worse in that competition in the mobile apps marketplace is not exceedingly high. Apple has a stronghold, at least in the states, but with Google’s fractured Android system, plus their new pricing structures, Android developers may be making the transition to a unified, streamlined production process. Ultimately, Google needs to step up and make their mobile app platform as a bit of a loss leader if they ever hope to chip away at the Apple dominance in the app market.


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