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Godaddy ColdFusion Hosting Alternative

GoDaddy has recently announced it will discontinue Godaddy ColdFusion Hosting Services as of November 2011. The lack of proper configuration options for ColdFusion Administrator, for ColdFusion debuggig support, and a shared schema that cannot cater to a serious ColdFusion customer has led GoDaddy ColdFusion into oblivion with some alternative options. This move from GoDaddy ColdFusion was anticipated, as ColdFusion Hosting is not a “Go Daddy” type of Service. GoDaddy Hosting works well with small Websites and Applications, but the ColdFusion Hosting platform is more demanding – simply because it’s more rewarding!

Looking into ColdFusion Hosting Alternative Services, when GoDaddy will turn the lights off on its GoDaddy ColdFusion Hosting Clients, you may notice that most other ColdFusion Hosting Companies charge more for CF Hosting. That is mostly because GoDaddy ColdFusion was cheap in comparison, and you do get what you pay for, right? But wait a second, now since you pay more, do you get more than GoDaddy ColdFusion Hosting? Yes, most ColdFusion Hosting alternatives will offer you more Services than GoDaddy CF, and the support is probably much better. If you are thinking about, or need Enterprise Level ColdFusion Hosting, look no further than… ANYTHING BUT GoDaddy ColdFusion.

In your quest for GoDaddy ColdFusion Hosting alternatives you will find a bunch of smaller ColdFusion Hosting providers, that could be a good fit for your needs if your ColdFusion Website or ColdFusion Application is not very demanding. However, if you are running ColdFusion, there is a big chance that you are looking to host intermediate to advanced ColdFusion Websites and Applications, and require Dedicated ColdFusion Hosting. Nevertheless, you probably won’t get it cheaper than GoDaddy ColdFusion Hosting, but it will be real ColdFusion Hosting, and will finally offer the appropriate tools and support for ColdFusion Developers to maintain your business. Just ask your ColdFusion Developer, they will agree !


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