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Web Apps vs Native Apps for Mobile Devices

There are many apps available for all mobile devices on the market. Both HTML5 web apps and native apps are available and both have their own advantages. A web app can be accessed through the Internet while a native app is one designed to work on a specific operating system. 
Web apps have many advantages, such as no third party fees charged when a mobile web app is brought to market. Web apps are not required to be approved, which means a web app can be created for just about any subject matter. Mobile web apps are designed to run on every mobile browser that exists. Web app users do not have to download an application or update it because, when the apps website is loaded, it updates the app. Web apps are much easier and cheaper to develop than native apps. Web apps allow users to access their content on several different mobile devices. Most businesses prefer web apps to native apps because mobile web apps are more valuable to businesses than native apps. 

Native apps also have many advantages, including access to APIs that web apps can’t access. Native mobile apps allow the user to save data and reload it when the app launches. All native apps are integrated with whatever operating system the mobile phone uses. Many native mobile apps can be run offline and apps can be customized to the capabilities of the user’s phone. Media and entertainment businesses can benefit financially from native apps by forming a stream of revenue come customers paying for the apps. This allows customers to be able to get free news and videos on their phone. Internet access is not required to run native apps and they offer a faster user interface than web apps. Native apps provide access to microphones, cameras, and GPS tracking. Users of native apps will be able to access their content even if the phone is not connected to the Internet.

There are advantages to both web apps and native apps. Which one is best for an business is determined by what the company wants to be able to do with the app. For a free consultation on what mobile development solution is right for your business, contact EcomSolutions the mobile development experts


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