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HTML5 – The Future of Apps for iPad and Other Devices

HTML5 Mobile web development

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HTML5 is the biggest buzz in the tech world. A standard that was only agreed upon in the last few months, developers are actively writing and rewriting applications and services to run on the new system. The advantage of HTML5 is its standards base, cross-platform operability, and ease of implementation. Any mobile development company who is wanting to stay on the cutting edge needs to have a firm understanding and the abilities necessary to create these new mobile applications.

The biggest draw for companies to have an HTML5 mobile web app is its ability to run on any standards compliant browser. Instead of writing different apps for iPad, Android, and Desktop computers, one application can be written and run natively on each of these devices. The user experience is completely engaging and responsive to the end user. In fact, with a company well versed in mobile web development, the experience will be one that performs exactly like a natively written app.

As many people know, Apple currently takes 30% of all sales made through its App Store from any mobile development company. Google takes a similar portion from the Android marketplace. This has caused some large name companies to begin offering their own mobile web app. Amazon’s Kindle experience has recently released an HTML5 application to avoid the proprietary restrictions imposed on the iPad and iPhone. With a solid mobile web development company, any business can optimize their spending on app development by having one mobile web app written.

The features of HTML5 are immense. The ability to create custom web pages and apps that move and flow in ways that could not happen without Flash before are now a reality. Every standards compliant browser renders these the same way, so one mobile web app runs the same on any mobile device. This revolutionizes mobile web development and creates a strong competitor to Apple’s iPad and App Store. The biggest choice for businesses to now make is which mobile development company to choose.

Many developers now exist for iPad and iPhone but specialize only in iOS apps, a limited market share. However, a mobile development company who specializes in mobile web app creation can future proof your business and keep updates for all devices on the exact same schedule. The future of applications lies in mobile web app development. Keeping all consumers on the same footing provides the same features to everyone and allows interoperability previously impossible on different mobile platforms.


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