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Customizable flash pop-up advertising

What is pop-up advertising?

Pop-up ads are one of the many forms of online advertising that are used on the internet to attract people to a website. Pop-up ads in combination with other advertising methods can help capture as much traffic as possible. Pop-up advertising is usually located on some website and opens up, when the website is loaded or some period of time after it is loaded. Pop-up advertising mostly uses JavaScript, but the technology also allowed flash pop-up advertising, which offers a lot more features and gives a number of advantages.

Pop-up ads usually open up on top of a website, which is already opened. But there is a variation of pop-up ads, called pop-under advertising. Such ads open in a different window of your browser underneath the active window, so you might not notice them right away when they open up, but you will see them some time after. Pop-under ads are not interrupting, but will be seen after the active window is closed.

Pop-up advertising can be used to display information, which might be interesting for the user, without disrupting the page, which he currently has open. You can use such helpful pop-ups for software download functions on your website or in the form section of your website, for example, when help is necessary (then the help window can open in a pop-up window, without losing the information already entered in the form).

Pop-up blocking.

The major disadvantage of pop-up ads, which are generated with JavaScript, is pop-up blocking. Opera was the first big browser, which offered pop-up blocking tools, and by 2002 all major browsers, except for IE, had integrated some kind of pop-up blocking software. However, the modern pop-up advertising software allows skipping pop-up blocks. The advantage of flash pop-up ads is that it bypasses blockers of pop-up advertising.

Customizable flash pop-up ads.

Our customizable flash pop-up tool allows users to customize both design and content of flash pop-up advertising in just a few minutes and see the results just after a few simple clicks! You will be able to completely control the appearance and motion of your flash pop-up, as you will have the ability to choose font style and size, add images, icons, choose colors and dimensions, and a lot more. All these can be done in a simple user-friendly interface.

Properties of customizable flash pop-up.

Using customization tools for our flash pop-up window you will be able to:

  1. set time for delayed appearance for your flash pop-up ad;
  2. choose angle of movement during appearance;
  3. choose speed of movement during appearance;
  4. define the position of your flash pop-up advertising on the screen after appearance;
  5. adjust the size of your flash pop-up window from very small and up to full-screen pop-up.

Inside the flash pop-up you will have even more customizable features. Among them:

  1. Adding, creating and changing multiple different backgrounds;
  2. Adding and changing images;
  3. Allows working with images and html;
  4. Creating clickable buttons and setting their time of appearance inside the pop-up ad;
  5. Link buttons inside the pop-up window to a website or link on a website;
  6. Text editing tools;
  7. Adding different texts, backgrounds and images for each background of your Flash pop-up ad;
  8. And a lot more …

Using Text tool you will be able to create a text field and select font and its size, choose color for the font and define its style.

With this advanced but at the same time very easy-to-use tool you will be able to create as many flash pop-ups as you need and manage them easily. Enjoy the advantages of pop-up advertising with our modern software for customizable flash pop-up windows!


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