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5 Reasons Why Aptoide Is A Better Platform For Apps

Undoubtedly, Google playstore is the kingpin of the application market which has millions of applications for users. But there are certain application which are even barred by playstore and it restricts them for downloading. This is where the use of aptoide app store comes.

Aptoide just like few another third part apps allows a user to download in install applications which are blocked by Google. In a way, aptoide gives the diversity of applications which no other application store has given till now. Though it is in the market since a long time, but people have not been able to realize its potential. It was sort of suppressed by Google`s Playstore. But now it has carved its own niche and made its own way out. People are showing interest in the app store and it is in electrifying demand these days.

Features that can even give Google a run for money

  1. It is a single platform where you can easily get access to all the applications free of cost without even spending a penny. Unlike Google, it doesn’t charge from the users and even the updates from the application are rendered free.
  2. By using the aptoide app store, you also get the option of generating organic downloads and you can also run paid acquisition campaign. These paid campaigns come in as cost per install and will be seen on the display ads.
  3. To add more mirth to your account, you can even select the countries where you can expand your ads and the rates per click will then rise eventually. Where Google playstore has limited itself, aptoide on the other hand can be used in 40 different languages which make it accessible by millions of users.
  4. The best part of using Aptoide iOS is that if you are a BETA version user, you can even make your own private app store where you can share your apps and content with only private people or people whom you know. This is perhaps the best feature of the aptoide app store. For security reasons, it also comes with a feature “Trusted Stamps” which makes sure that the application is malware free with several protective layers. It even notifies the user and admin of the application that contains malicious content so that it can be blocked at first stance only
  5. It gives a humungous collection of apps in all the genres .You can also create your own personalized app using the “Drop Box” feature. This automatically syncs the user`s data with the app store. Code your own application and share it with your friends and relatives. The software platform also gives the publishing program so that a user can adequately manage his or her own personalized Android store.

So these were few specs of aptoide app store which speak volumes on its part. The features which aptoide gives are not even rendered by Google`s Playstore. This is the reason why it stands apart from rest of the other app stores. Try using and you will never be disappointed.


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