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Flex shopping cart – Latest Technology, in Style !
Being at the forefront of the Adobe Flex development technology it was but a natural step for us at to build an enterprise level Flex Shopping Cart that brings page less navigation to your E-commerce interface. The Flex Shopping Cart is a full-blown RIA component that can be incorporated into any workflow and E-commerce requirement.

Currently the market is brimming with numerous shopping carts, therefore:

Why would you go for a Flex shopping cart from
At we let our Applications create their own reasons for existing and for becoming irresistible choices for our customers and clients. When you use our Flex Shopping Cart you provide your shoppers an unparalleled experience in online shopping. Gone are the days when even small changes demanded the loading of new pages. A Flex Shopping Cart does not have to depend on that old-school methodology.

A Flex Shopping Cart provides the following unique features:

Pageless navigation: that means your customers don’t have to hop from page to page in order to complete the transaction while using the Flex Shopping Cart; everything happens on a single page like a desktop application.

The changes are reflected immediately: as your customers quickly add new items and change the quantities of existing items the changes are immediately reflected without having the pages to be reloaded. This significantly increases the speed and interactivity.

Secure, single-screen checkout: a single screen checkout reduces the chances of abandonment and distraction. The entire transaction takes place extremely fast and your customers don’t lose track of what they are doing due to countless distractions existing on the Internet. Our Flex Shopping Cart is completely secure.

Comprehensive administrative area: you can control all the aspects of our Flex Shopping Cart using a highly intuitive administrative area that can be accessed using login ID and password. You can assign various accessibility levels for your employees. You can maintain your entire stock, reporting formats and calculation algorithms using the administrative area of the Flex shopping cart.

Native support for rich media: who says that a shopping cart only means drab numbers and inactive purchasing functions? Make your shopping cart highly interactive by embedding audio, video and even Flash animations using the native support for rich media in our Flex Shopping Cart.

Countless design styles and skins: brand the Flex Shopping Cart according to the layout of your own Website; your customers don’t have to know that you are using an external Application to handle business transactions. Through various designs and skins you can totally customize the look and feel of our Flex Shopping Cart.

Multiple international currencies and automatic exchange rates: once you start selling on the Internet people buy from you from all over the world and you cannot simply offer them a single currency. Our Flex Shopping Cart gives you the ability to let your customers pay in their own currencies. This way they feel totally at ease while shopping on your Website and they don’t have to use external help to figure out how much they need to pay you in case they pay using their own currency.

Filtered navigation and sorting: give complete control of how the data is displayed on your shopping cart to your customers so that they completely feel at home while shopping at your website. Our Flex Shopping Cart lets them customize the navigation and sort the displayed items according to names, values, and even their colors.

Custom product display and layout: as explained above, the sky is the limit when it comes to customizing the display of your products and prices using our Flex Shopping Cart. Display your products in whichever way you want to so that practically no distractions and confusions occur when people are buying from you; this ensures seamless transactions without the chances of your customers leaving the transaction midway.

Automated shipping and tax calculations: once these calculations have been defined using the administrative area they are calculated automatically while your customer is adding items to the shopping cart. Every calculation happens in real-time and immediately on the same screen so that your customers don’t lose track of what they are doing. They don’t have to carry out even a single calculation. It’s as simple as clicking on individual items in order to add them to the shopping cart and then clicking the checkout link in order to pay on the same screen.

So what’s the big deal? Doesn’t every shopping cart provide these features?
Sure, many shopping carts do provide these features but the startling difference with a Flex Shopping Cart is that everything happens on the same screen — it seems like using a desktop application. This significantly improves the quality of experience that your customers have while shopping at your website. You can animate the processes, you can create highly customized and interactive inventory lists that can be scrolled up and down keeping other components of your current webpage static, and every action, every calculation happens in real time, on a single page. It totally redefines the way people use and interact with your shopping cart interface. Your customers will get addicted to it.


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