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Adobe Flex Examples

Adobe Flex Development and Examples
Want to give your visitors, clients and customers a killer experience on your website by providing them with a cutting-edge interface?  With integrated Flex Development your online Applications can work as fast as Desktop Applications.  Take a look at our Adobe Flex Examples. The speed of Adobe Flex, coupled with exceptional design, security, and usability is the main reason why more and more businesses and organizations are partnering with Flex Development Teams that can create extremely fast Online Applications leveraging the Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology provided by Adobe’s Flex

How does Flex Development revolutionize the way your clients do business with you?
It’s all about speed these days. Just follow the link at the bottom and take a look at some Adobe Flex Examples. Long gone is the time when to update even a tiny bit of information on a webpage the user either needed to be directed to another page or needed to refresh the current page.  With Flex Development the current page behaves like a Desktop Application – only the information that needs to change will change, while everything else remains static on the Webpage; no need to load another page or reload the existing page.

Whenever you go to another page or reload the existing page everything on that page is reloaded.  This may include images, shopping cart items and the various scripts you may be using.  This not only means excessive use of your bandwidth it also means your Website technology seems archaic and slow to your clients. The entire thing especially becomes cumbersome if you are using online word processor or software that requires lots of updates with great speed. Websites and Online Applications developed using Adobe Flex allow the users to keep working while the data is being updated on the page, that is, they don’t have to wait while the page is being reloaded or refreshed.

Another example would be showing results from a database or sorting various columns alphabetically – or according to a certain value.  If such an application is developed in Flex the user can simply click the appropriate link and the column gets sorted immediately on the same page – without having to refresh the page.

What exactly is Flex Development?
Flex is a collection of technologies developed and marketed by Adobe and it is primarily used for developing and deploying cross-platform Rich Internet Applications (RIA) with great speed and efficiency. Flex takes the abilities of Flash development to the next level.  Flash is all about animating various webpage objects based on a timeline.  An interactive Application developed with Flex on the other hand does not function based on a timeline, and lots of interaction takes place according to user response. This is achieved by saving the necessary logic and data on the client side instead of fetching them from the server again and again; this improves speed and efficiency tremendously. Flex development combines interactivity, usability, compatibility, adaptability and desktop-like richness to bring you an unmatched user experience. Our Adobe Flex examples are here to support the statement.

Since Applications and Website components developed with Adobe Flex can be easily embedded into existing pages, they can be used with almost every programming language and platform.  This means whether you have a Website developed in ColdFusion, ASP.NET, JAVA, or PHP you can easily incorporate and seamlessly integrate Flex Development. Adobe Flex can be customized to fit any industry and concepts.

So, to unleash the power of contemporary Web Development technologies think about using Flex Development for your next project or even your ongoing project, in order to redefine the way people use your Online Applications and browse your Website.

Examples of Flex Development and it’s advantages:

Flex Development – Overview & Description

Example of Flex Development – Shopping Cart – Fashion Industry

Example of Flex Development – Shopping Cart – Electronics Commerce


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