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Publication systems
With more and more organizations and people using the Internet to generate, manage and distribute their Publications there is a great demand for highly competitive Enterprise Level Online Publication Systems. An Online Publication System helps you perform the following functions with your Website through an Internet connection:

•    Create content repository
•    Manage existing content and create new content
•    Maintain various versions of the same document
•    Allocate excess to different authors and editors
•    Cutting-edge word processing and document management facilities
•    Real-time updating
•    Inventory management
•    Subscriber management
•    Order tracking and notification
•    Record-keeping
•    Layout integration
•    Report generation – both manual and automatic
•    Routine backups
•    One-click publishing

The fundamental purpose of any Online Publication System is to facilitate faster Website management and content publication. Even people who have nothing to do with Web Design and Web Development should be able to manage a Website completely on their own with little assistance from developers and maintenance engineers.

The Publication System developed and promoted by takes care of these fundamental necessities.  It empowers the Website owners and organizations to manage their own Websites without external interference by Web Designers and Web Developers.

Publishing an Online Newspaper or Online Magazine is far easier through our Publication Solution with multi-author management and version control.  The word processing features that are delivered with our Publication Solution can be compared with any existing legacy word processor and document management tool.

Our Publication System not only helps your organization publish with a few clicks it also saves you tons of time and money because practically there is no learning curve required.  The intuitive interface makes sure that all your authors and editors can use the publication system as seamlessly as possible. No matter where they are; they just need a decent browser and an Internet connection to work on their documents and publish them on schedule. They can even set timings for the publication of certain documents. On top of that our Publication System can be integrated with every contemporary relational database management tool available in the market – commercial as well as free source.

So unleash your publication potential. Be the master of your own content by deciding who publishes it, when it is published and how it is published.



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