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Advantages and future trends of mobile web versions of websites

With more and more people using their Mobile Phones, PDAs, iPhones and other Handheld Devices it is rapidly becoming imperative to have a Mobile Web Version of your Website, so that you don’t lose a significant proportion of your audience that simply doesn’t want to wait to access a PC or laptop in order to browse your website and do business with you.  What if you’re losing business just because this section of your audience cannot access your Website, or faces difficulty while browsing important sections of your Website through their Mobile Phones?

There are many gradual and rapid technological changes that are making it possible to browse the Internet through smaller handheld devices and Mobile Phones.  The screens are coming bigger, the connectivity and browsing speed is faster and the touch screen interfaces are improving day by day.

Why does it make sense to create a Mobile Web Version of your Website?

These days your URL can appear everywhere; whether it is your stationery, letterheads, advertisements, brochures, visiting cards or your office lobby your URL is visible everywhere.  Since we are so used to visiting Websites the moment we come across their URLs we immediately want to check them out.  These days since everybody has a Mobile Phone or a PDA or some Handheld Gadget that can easily connect to the Internet, they would rather visit your Website the moment they come across your URL.

Now, we don’t mean to say that people will be browsing your apparels inventory or reading articles of your website (at least not in the near future) but accessibility on Handheld Devices can enable them to quickly retrieve the needed information, for instance, a list of retailers and their contact numbers, booking status in the restaurant or the movie theatre, or booking airline tickets. The Handheld Devices and Mobile Phones are also great for quickly browsing the latest news headlines; content companies like the BBC are creating dedicated Websites for Mobile Devices.

There is another paradigm shift in the general behaviour of how people access the information available around them.  These days, due to many existing factors, the average attention span of people has considerably shrunk.  They want shorter and shorter chunks of information that they can immediately utilise.  Mobile phones and Handheld Devices are the ideal tools for sending and receiving crisp information packets.  That is why you require a toned down version of your Website when it comes to making it accessible to Mobile Phones and Handheld Devices.

With browsers and operating systems specifically being coded for mobile devices the future of Mobile-Phone-based Websites looks promising.  It depends a lot on the level of connectivity that people can avail and of course the speed and the interface.  Mobile Technology is cheaply available these days but sadly most of the devices become toys in the hands of technologically obsessed geeks.  It will make greater sense if everyday Internet Applications can be used using Mobile Phones and other Handheld Devices.

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