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7 Reasons Managers Like Fusebox

It’s not just developers who have made Fusebox the most popular web application framework for ColdFusion and PHP. Project managers and team leads also value Fusebox for:

  1. Fusebox offers excellent support for team development — even when developers are geographically separate. Fusedocs (the program definition language used by Fusebox architects) insures that each developer knows exactly what is required to successfully complete their portion of the project.
  2. Fusebox lowers the cost of software development by lowering the risk of failure. The Standish Group reports that custom software built for in-house use suffers failure on more than 50% of projects. Such high risk elevates the cost of software. Fusebox’s high success rate lowers the “risk factor”, thereby lowering the cost of developing software.
  3. Fusebox speeds software development. In many development environments, developers adopt a “design a little, code a little” process. Even small changes to requirements can have a major impact on the time needed to deploy the project. Fuseboxers report time savings on software projects of between 12 – 20%.
  4. Fusebox makes ongoing maintenance of software applications cheaper and easier. Various experts place the cost of software maintenance at 3-4 times the initial cost to develop. Fusebox’s modular approach allows changes to be localized, making maintenance coding far less apt to “break” existing code.
  5. Fusebox means no more guesses on completion dates. Very often, “estimates” of completion dates on software are no more than guesses. With Fusebox, managers and team leads can see exactly how close to completion a project is — and can make good estimates of the completion date based on the easily-measurable “project velocity”.
  6. Fusebox lets all developers work at their highest level of competence. Because code modules are very granular, the more complex of these can be given to more highly skilled developers while allowing less skilled developers the ability to make significant contributions to the project.
  7. Fusebox allows companies to leverage their investment in training and tools. When all developers are using Fusebox, all developers will benefit from the same training and tools. Without this standardization, managers are met with the prospect of providing individualized training and tools for each developer.



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