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Ecomsolutions Inc has been developing ColdFusion applications — e-commerce websites and online content management solutions — for more than five years with an unbeaten track record. There has not been even a single instance of project failure during this triumphant phase of ColdFusion web development. But why web development with ColdFusion and not with some other programming or scripting language such as PHP, Ruby on rails or Python? First of all ColdFusion is amazingly fast; it is so fast that sometimes it seems like magic. It is a language specifically evolved for enterprise level solutions, although it can be easily used — without resorting to an overkill — for smaller websites and applications too. In fact you can use ColdFusion for static web sites too but it is rarely done. It can be easily integrated with any platform from Java to .Net and it supports all Web 2.0 web development features and enhancements such as Ajax and user generated content management. Most of the online content and document management applications are developed using ColdFusion because of its unmatched features.

The web development methodologies at Ecomsolutions Inc are time-tested as well as innovative; sometimes we strictly follow the rules and sometimes we define our own rules in order to deliver the maximum benefit to our customers. As a first step towards delivering world-class online application solutions we have only been focusing on programming in ColdFusion. Other than that our strict quality control mechanism is a self-regulatory system that is set in motion as soon as a new project initiates.

We employ highly modular web development techniques while developing solutions for our customers. Due to a very high efficiency level we are able to minimize the time spent on web development and maximize the output and hence charge a very reasonable rate from our customers. Of course ColdFusion has a great part in it because when you work in ColdFusion coding efficiency is handled by its environment automatically.

Our web development activities are mostly centered around developing highly advanced e-commerce and online content publishing solutions for our customers from all over the world. You can easily say that when it comes to developing e-commerce and online publishing applications we have developed an incomparable expertise during the past five years. We have left no stone unturned trying to understand all the aspects of this great niche.

In our further posts we will be delving more on web development in ColdFusion.


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