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Earn money with AdSense — advantages and disadvantages

Earn money with AdSense — advantages and disadvantages

There is a very remote chance that you have been browsing the Internet and haven’t come across AdSense advertisements. The ubiquitous add links can be seen on every website that regularly publishes content. You will find AdSense links on websites providing professional services too, although this is not recommended because it sends your valuable traffic away and it also conveys the message that since you are not doing enough business you are trying to generate some extra cash with the help of AdSense ads.
Ever since millions of people started publishing content on the Internet Google invented a novel way of displaying ads and provided an opportunity to the publishers to earn some good money. The AdSense links are not only used by amateur publishers they are also a significant source of income for mainstream media publishers such as newspapers and video websites.

So how does AdSense work?

To publish AdSense links on your blog or website first of all you need to open an account at the AdSense website. Once you have opened an account you need to generate the JavaScript code that you will have to paste somewhere in your blog or website template. While generating the JavaScript code you are given multiple options to decide what format of links you would like for your website or blog. Once the code has been generated you can copy/paste it. Once the code is activated (you don’t have to do anything special other than putting the JavaScript code on your website) AdSense uses its own logic to make out what sort of ads should appear on your website. It depends on the nature of your content; for instance if you write about gadgets then gadget ads will appear on your website. Similarly if you write about automobiles then automobile ads will appear on your website or blog.

How do you earn with AdSense?
Whenever somebody clicks one of the links appearing in the AdSense ad you earn some money. This amount is not fixed; it depends on how much the advertiser is paying to Google for that click. Per click it may not seem like a significant amount but once your website or blog begins to generate thousands of clicks you can earn lots of money. So the key to making lots of AdSense money is, generate lots of relevant content so that relevant ads are displayed and tremendously increase the number of your visitors because the more visitors you have the greater is the chance of some of them clicking the AdSense links.

Of course there are advantages and disadvantages of using AdSense as your primary revenue source. There are many online publishers who stay away from AdSense and prefer to deal with advertisers directly.
Advantages of using AdSense

• No expertise required.
• Easy money if you have lots of content and lots of traffic.
• Targeting happens on its own.
• No third parties are involved.
• You can use it from the day one of publishing your content.
• A good interface for managing your ads and ad formats.
• There is practically no cost involved.

Disadvantages of using AdSense

• Very difficult to make good money because you need to generate lots of clicks even to make small amounts of money.
• The ads look a bit unprofessional and may not suit your website or blog design.
• You cannot format the ads according to your wishes completely.
• Google can penalize you and stop your AdSense revenue as and when it deems it fit.
• You cannot control the money that you are paid per click.
• You cannot fully control what sort of ads and links appear on your website or blog.

Mentioned above are the few advantages and disadvantages of publishing AdSense ads on your website or blog. Adsense is good for some and is not good for some, it depends on your revenue aspirations and also on the kind of content you have and the kind of visitors you get.


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