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Integrating an eBay API for ColdFusion eCommerce

Like most owners of ColdFusion eCommerce Websites, you probably (and you should) try leveraging different platforms for selling online. Wether it be eBay, or Amazon, your ColdFusion Website can double, or triple its transactions if you have your ColdFusion developer tune it the right way.

Integrating an eBay API for a ColdFusion Website brings many other advantages besides increasing business. It brings centralization and unclutters your CMS. Your back-end transactions, including eBay sells will all be in one place. It’s nice to take care of only one ColdFusion Website, as opposed to others without the eBay API which will make you perform double work. Inventory control becomes very serious when you have multi transactions on multi platforms. An eBay API will have your ColdFusion system control items on the eBay marketplace directly from the panel, no need to login somewhere else. Also, eBay listing updates can be performed automatically, so you don’t have to babysit them every time you sell an item.

We’ve seen this done many times, and we always wonder why some people aren’t doing it yet. If you have any questions, or if you want a ColdFusion developer to integrate your Website with an eBay API, we are only an email, an inquiry, or a phone call away.


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