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ColdFusion is a rapid application development (RAD) platform and a programming language used with that platform. With most programming languages security is your number one priority, and ColdFusion Security is no different.

Expert ColdFusion Programmers will focus on ColdFusion Security in every aspect of their design and implementation. It is utterly important that ColdFusion Security be planned for in advance during the design stages of a project, and that attention to detail be carried through the implementation phase. It does no good to plan to design a piece of software with security in mind, and then have that be the feature that gets cut due to a lack of time or budget. Make room in your schedule and budget for security implementation and testing.

That being said, one of the things that Expert ColdFusion Developers will remember to do is secure the ColdFusion installation itself. In this way ColdFusion Security can be maintained with significantly less expenditure of limited resources. There is not much of a point in checking that the third lock on the medicine cabinet is secure when you have left the front door wide open.

Expert ColdFusion Programmers will always remind you to create a separate partition or even a separate drive for your ColdFusion installation. This will help prevent attacks on your ColdFusion installation in a situation where an attacker will gain access to other system resources. A good example of this would be an attacker taking advantage of a common security flaw, such as a buffer overflow, and gaining access to your root system drive. If your ColdFusion installation is not on the root system drive the attacker won’t be able to get into it.

Another solid point Expert ColdFusion Hosting Providers will make is to ensure your operating system and web server software are always up to date and have the latest patches installed. This will help reduce the number of simple attacks that will get through to your systems.

Finally, you will want to make sure that your usernames and passwords are both secure, and hard to guess. Try to avoid the common pitfall of having your usernames always be, for example, first initial then last name. Most companies do this and it is extremely easy to guess.

So again remember to keep ColdFusion Security a priority, and as any Expert ColdFusion Programmers would tell you, keep your ColdFusion installation secure.

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