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What is Titanium(Appcelerator), why do we use it, and what can it do for you?

With the ever-changing environment of mobile application development, flexibility is key.  Over the past 5 years we have all noticed the momentous changes in the mobile device market. There is not a single person who has not noticed the rise of the iPhone, and with good reason. The iPhone is a product that changed what we all expect from our mobile devices. People no longer expect their cell phones to just keep them in touch with friends, family and co-workers, they expect a dynamic multimedia experience. This multimedia experience is usually brought to consumers through the Apple app store.

This movement of application development for iPhones, iPads, and iPods has not gone unnoticed by other companies, and now more than ever other companies are challenging Apple for dominance in the mobile device / application market. Over the past few years, rather quietly, Google has grabbed almost 25% of the mobile operating system market. So what does this mean to people looking for application development services for mobile devices? It means that a person who develops an application only for Apple devices will automatically forgo about 25% of the market.

This is where Titanium comes in. At Ecom Solutions we use the Titanium framework to develop mobile applications that can be run on both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems. With Titanium our costs of developing cross platform mobile application are reduced, and the market share captured by our applications is greater. We have already developed many applications for satisfied customers, and invite you to contact us and see what Ecom Solutions, with the power of Titanium, can do for you.



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