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iPad Development for Books & Magazines

There’s quite some debate over wether the newly released tablet iPad from Apple is going to be competitive enough to pose a threat to your PC Browser or the News-stand Print . The switch from Print Magazines & Publications to Internet / Digital versions of their content was a natural, smooth transition – and it grew with the Web itself.

Let’s see what are some of the features iPad developers utilize to expose Magazines and Publications on the tablet. The advantages to the end user are mostly focused around the more dynamic visual rendering, and it allows for better interactivity due to the tablet’s native multi-touch browsing. There are good news for Publication & Magazine Advertisers as well, for the iPad device can showcase some pretty Ads. These lists leave room for growth, as it happened with the iPhones.

Native iPad App for Publication Features:

–  Content can carefully be organized and streamlined in horizontal and vertical stacks
–  Each page can be individually designed for the iPad screen in both portrait and landscape orientation
–  Express navigation from the Cover Page to featured Articles or Stories, allows readers to access them directly
–  Bar and Design guidance throughout the App, can lead readers through a Book, an Issue or Article, augmenting the scroll bar with subtle indications of more content and additional features to explore
–  Drop Down Table of Contents, or Pop-up Table of Contents
–  Browse view (zoomed out view of stacks of content) makes for easier navigation / guidance and sense of place within the Issue
–  Custom picture Slide Shows takes readers through multiple views and allowing for different touch gestures for image progression
–  Orientation-appropriate photography offers different images, taking advantage of layout changes whether in portrait or landscape mode
–  Custom animated 360° degree image shows and hologram-like effects
–  Editorial Videos embedded into the iPad App, allow for automatic load, display in HD and access without a connection
–  Multiple Sound and Music embedding options

Enhanced Native App Advertising for the iPad:

–  Slide Shows of Advertiser’s Products and Services
–  Multiple Page Advertisment / Reviews / Fine Print
–  Embedded HD Video within Advertisment
–  Different, but adapted and appropriate viewing of Advertisment in both portrait and landscape mode
–  Rotating 360° degree images in HD
–  Incorporated Interactivity within Advertisment page

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