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Who needs a Flex Development Team?

Flex Development is at the cutting edge of current Web Designing and Web Development technology. Its in Flex where functionality, interface, technology and design coalesce to give you a totally different experience when it comes to consuming and offering Web Applications. Adobe Flex has the required ability to transform any Online Application in such a manner that it functions like a Desktop Application – no longer you need to wait for the web pages to refresh and reload in order to display updated information. All the needed data resides on the user’s machine so the program does not have to communicate with the distant server again and again even to reflect tiny changes.

Why Ecom Solutions and Flex?

At Ecomsolutions we have a highly competent Team of Flex Developers continuously working on high-end enterprise level solutions based on Flex.  Our Flex Development Team has been involved with Flex Development since the days the technology was introduced by Adobe.  So we are completely at ease with all the ins and outs of this Web Development technology.  If something can be done in Flex we are capable of doing it.
Our Flex Developers have practically been working in the ditches.  We love challenges, and the requirements of our clients continuously offer us new benchmarks to set for the Web Development community. Of course, we are perpetually setting benchmarks for our own team of Flex Developers too.
Our Flex Developers closely work with the clients to make sure that the deliverables match the exact requirements of the clients – both, present requirements and future requirements.

So what makes us stand apart as a Flex Development Team?

•    Our hourly rate is highly competitive compared to other Web Development Companies
•    Our Flex Developers have already implemented and installed scores of enterprise level Flex Applications
•    We are based in New York – the hub of international business activities
•    We can integrate Flex with all major programming languages such as C#, PHP, .NET, Java, ASP etc. and can also work with all major mainstream databases

We don’t just want to awestruck your customers and clients with the amazing visual and design capabilities of Adobe Flex; we want to create Online Applications that are functional, do brisk business for you day in and day out, while a pleasurable experience for them.

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