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ColdFusion is a complete application platform for developing and delivering powerful and scaleable applications. Whether you’re revolutionizing your company’s HR operations, building a new generation of your firm’s global intranet, launching the next killer .COM, building your own presence on the Web, or providing back-end power to interactive Flash applications, you’ll find the proven technology you need in ColdFusion.
ColdFusion is designed to deliver on the key requirements of Web applications:

Rapid Development – Intuitive visual tools and an innovative tag-based programming environment make ColdFusion a highly productive platform for delivering applications.

Scalable Deployment – A high performance, multithreaded architecture and advanced features such as just-in-time compiling, thread management, load balancing, and failover ensure that your applications will scale to handle the most demanding sites.

Open Standards Based – Open integration with databases, email, directories, J2EE, .NET, XML, SOAP, and enterprise systems means you can develop complex Web applications quickly and easily.

Complete Security – The latest advanced Internet security technologies and clean integration with network and Web server security, give you the services to build secure systems.

Proven – ColdFusion was the original application server (predating the term itself), is used by over 1/2 million developers on over 100,000 servers making it the most popular commercial cross-platform application solution on the market.


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