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iPad Apps in the Medical Field

The influence of Apple’s iPad can be felt everywhere, and the changes the iPad has brought with it have been enormous. iPads have given businesses new ways to improve productivity, they have given schools new ways to teach students, and they have given consumers new ways to be entertained. So with the iPad being such a formidable force in most aspects of everyday life, where does the ipad stand in the medical field? More specifically, what do iPad apps in the medical field mean for patients and doctors?

iPad apps in the medical field are something that regular iPad users know very little about. These iPad apps in the medical field are an emerging hot topic for iPad developers. iPad developers are being challenged to bring existing technologies in the medical field into harmony with iPad applications.

Imagine giving doctors the ability to carry every one of their patient's charts with them

iPad apps in the medical field have the potential to change the way a doctor interacts with a patient’s information, and the way patients interact with doctors. The introduction of iPad apps in the medical field has the potential to create a dynamic database of patient’s records that would allow doctors around the country to share information seamlessly. Imagine being on vacation and having an accident, it would take far less time for the doctor to treat and diagnose a patient if they had that patient’s whole medical history on their ipad. iPad developers and iPad programmers looking to take on the challenges of developing these kinds of iPad apps for the medical field need to have extensive knowledge of the kinds of database systems needed to support them.

This is only one of the many kinds of iPad apps in the medical field that iPad development companies are looking to create. iPad app developers are looking for ways to allow cardiac sonographers a way to view their findings on the iPad’s large screen. iPad developers are also creating systems and apps that allow x-ray technicians to archive and present all their findings on the iPad. This interaction between existing medical technology and the iPad is quickly enabling doctors to spend more time where they are needed, with patients. Doctors that utilize iPad apps in the medical field are no longer tied to a desktop computer. iPad apps in the medical field give doctors the ability to view, edit, and share information on the run, and in a field where seconds can be the difference between life and death, any time saved is a good thing.

Ecom Solutions is a company that provides iPad development solutions to a wide variety of industries. They also have extensive knowledge of database systems, and content management systems, making them a prime contender to develop iPad apps to be used in the medical field.

iOS Development and OSX

The latest news says that Apple is looking to combined their mobile operating, iOS, and their desktop operating system, OS X, into one singular platform. This is a vision that Apple has probably had for a long time. Implementing a system like this would further unify their products, and make their product line all the more attractive to consumers. What dose this mean for iOS developers and OSX developers? Only the future can tell.

iOS developers will most likely welcome this change as it allows for an even bigger audience to take advantage of the apps they create. It could also mean biggeriOS and OSX devices challenges for iOS developers. When this merger of platforms takes place, expected around 2013, iOS developers will be faced with the challenge of not only creating apps that function on the iPad, iPhone, and other iOS device’s, but also making sure these apps function on their desktop and laptop counterparts. iOS developers looking to develop apps that are supported on all Apple platforms will have to consider how to make the iOS app’s multi-touch controls integrate with the traditional computer’s user interface, and vice-versa.

iOS developers will have to make sure they are ready for these drastic changes. Now facing challenges similar to that of android developers (creating apps for a wider variety of platforms) iOS developers must make sure that they are equipped with the skills to develop Apple applications that are dynamic and interactive enough to take advantage of the current iOS devices user interface and the computing power of traditional Macs.

This integration of iOS and OSX are something that could turn the Apple development community upside down. iOS programmers will now have to work hand in hand with OSX programmers to make sure they are ready for the impending changes.

What does this mean for future Apple hardware? Apple is expected to use the 32-bit arm architecture to address the vast majority of the OSX product range, excluding high performance professional devices. This is believed to be the make up of the Apple ecosystem until 2016 when the 64-bit ARM architecture will become available. Once that takes place iOS developers and OSX developers can expect to be working on a single OS and hardware architecture.

Currently iOS developers must make sure they are at the forefront of iOS development technology. IOS developers must make sure their apps are taking advantage of, and ready to take advantage of, all the technology the release of iOS 5 is expected to bring with it. iOS developers must be primed to take advantage of technologies like iCloud because this is sure to be a big part of the Apple computing infrastructure in the future.

Ecom Solutions is an iOS development company ready to take advantage of all the features iOS 5, and future iOS development and OSX development technologies. Ecom Solutions is read to upgrade existing apps to take advantage of iOS 5‘s new technologies, and will be ready, when the time comes to upgrade existing apps to the expected iOS/OSX hybrid operating system.


iOS Apps For Government Use

In the technology field things are always changing, and it is very hard to resist change. Recently federal and local government officials are making a big change in the technology they use. Government agencies are making a transition that many consumers made years ago. They are switching from RIM devices to iOS devices. This shift begs a very interesting question, what are the iOS apps for government use for state and local governments going to look like?

The key to the success of the iPad and other iOS devices in the government sector is their ease of use. It is this ease of use that make government workers more efficient in their day to day tasks. There are many concerns about the adoption of iOS devices in the government sector, but the good seems to out weigh the bad when it comes to using iOS devices, and governments all over the world are looking for ways to implement iOS devices in their operations.

The iOS apps for government use that are being used today are not necessarily iOS applications designed specifically for government use. Doug Holt, deputy executive director of the Texas Department of Information Resources is one government official that has been quick to adopt the technology of iOS devices, but when he talks about the apps he uses he does not mention any iOS apps for government use specifically. He instead talks about the productivity apps he uses. This brings to attention a very interesting question, are there any ,iOS apps for government use? The answer is barely.

Governments have always been hesitant to adopt new technology because with in governments there are security concerns that other institutions do not face. Certainly there are security concerns for big agencies, like the NSA, that most iOS developers are not accustom to, and cannot handle. So where does this leave the developers of iOS apps for government use?

iOS developers that are thinking of developing must take a step back and assess whether or not they are equipped to deal with the security measures that must be taken with developing iOS apps for government use. This is only one thing that iOS developers must take note of when considering the development of iOS apps for government use.

iOS developers must also be able to provide the support that is going to be demanded along with the delivery of an iOS apps for government use. To release a game with bugs is just an annoyance, to develop an iOS apps for government use that has bugs could become a matter of national security. Governments are also going to be demanding support for their iOS apps for government use once they have been delivered. These are all things that iOS developers should consider before trying to develop iOS apps for government use.

Having had many years of experience, and an outstanding track record, in supporting governments in all their ColdFusion development needs, EcomSolutions is an ,iOS development company that has an understanding of all the expectations government agencies are going to have for their iOS apps for government use.


Apps For IOS Devices In The Classroom

Over the past year people all over the world have felt the influence of Apple’s iPad, and iPhone. These “magical” devices have changed what we think of when we think about mobile computing. IOS developers have taken note of this and are continuously finding ways to take advantage of the many features iOS devices offer to provide engaging apps for iOS devices in the classroom.

One very interesting implementation of the iPad, and iPhone’s technology is the emergence of iOS devices in the Classroom. 10 years ago people would have never dreamed of anything like the apps for iOS devices in the classroom students can have today, but the education sector is changing as rapidly as the mobile application development sector.

iOS applications for the classroom

With the world of technology constantly changing, who knows, the iPad might replace the text book

Teachers of all grades and education levels are finding new and exciting ways to get iOS devices in the classroom. This trend of having iOS devices in the classroom is something that many teachers see as the way of the future. Richard Colosi, a first grade teacher in Canandaigua New York, has started using all kinds of iOS devices in the classroom. He has kids reading books on iPads, and others listening to books on iPods, all this while other students are using the iPod touch to record them selves reading and then listening to how they can improve. He claims that since he introduced the iOS devices in the classroom, he has noticed a dramatic increase in the interest students take in learning.

Young children are not the only people that are taking advantage of iOS devices in the classroom, college students can now purchase their text books in a digital form and take it with them on their iOS devices. Students at some universities are taking advantage of apps for iOS devices in the classroom that allow then to interact with lectures, and complete assignment on their iPads.

So what does this introduction of apps for iOS devices in the classroom mean for educators and companies that provide services to the education industry? It means get ready to explore the new possibilities of apps for iOS devices in the classroom. Education institutions can now have custom iPad and iPhone apps developed to provide their students with a more dynamic and interactive educational experience. iOS developers can create apps that show kindergarteners how to read, they can develop iOS apps that teach biology majors the structure of cells, and these are just the beginning of the nearly infinite opportunities that apps for IOS Devices in the Classroom can offer students.

Having had much experience in the education and public sectors, and the iOS development business, EcomSolutions is a company well positioned to develop apps for iOS devices in the classroom.

iPad Apps For The Finance Industry

After two year on the market, research firms still fail to classify the iPad as a computing device. iPads are categorized as  what research firms call “media tablets”, the same category as e-readers.  This is something strange considering the iPad has been one of the fastest adopted new tech products throughout the corporate world.

One industry in particular that has taken a liking to the iPad is the finance industry. iPad Apps for the finance industry is a rapidly growing area of iPad development. Many companies have been creating iPad apps that connect consumers to the finance industry. But iPad Apps for the finance industry are not just consumer oriented. Companies are rapidly hiring iPad developers to design iPad apps for intracompany use.

A technology company that provides mobile solutions for more than 4000 enterprises recently analyzed their sales data and found more than 36% of its iPad activations have come from the finance industry. Meaning that iPad app development for the finance industry is sure to be a rapidly growing field.

With iPad Apps for the finance industry becoming a bigger and bigger market, the quality of a finance institution’s iPad app could influence the business it does not only with consumers, but also influence the business it does within its own company. Companies in the finance industry need to take note of this.

When looking to have iPad Apps for the finance industry developed it is crucial that the right iPad development team is selected. The iPad development company selected not only has to have knowledge of iPad application development, but also knowledge of the finance industry.

With the future of the iPad brighter than ever, who knows what the finance industry can expect to see from iPad apps. Maybe one day the iPad will replace the heavy and out dated tablet computers used on trading floors such as the NYMEX, NYSE, CEM, and CBOT.  Maybe someday brokerage houses will be able to offer their clients iPad trading apps that provide content as dynamic and fast as what is today only available for desktop computers. The possibilities of iPad Apps for the finance industry are, at this point, virtually unlimited.

Having had much experience in the finance industry, and the iPad development business, EcomSolutions is a company well positioned to develop iPad Apps for the finance industry.



How To Turn Your Idea For An iPad Application Into Reality

iPadLike many you have probably thought, how do I turn my idea for an iPad application into reality? There are a few ways to go about getting an iOS application developed. In this article we will talk about the first steps you will need to take to make you idea for an iPad app a reality.

When looking to get an iPad app developed you are going to need to find your self a solid iOS development team. The iOS developers you choose are key to getting you app made, and made the way you want. So what should you expect once you have chosen an iPad development team?

Once you find the iPad development company you want to create your iPad application, you are going to need to request a quote. Requesting a quote for iPad application development is usually a fairly easy process. You basically need to tell the iPad developers what you want out of your app.

If you want an iPad business application, you will need to tell the iOS developers what you need the app to do for your business. Do you want the iPad business app to be something used in your back end operations, or do you need a dynamic iPad application to interact with the people your business provides services to?

If you are looking to have an app made for consumers in the apple app store, you will need to tell the developers what you want you iPad app to do.  Do you want an app that provides users with info? Do you want an app that will provide location-based services? Do you need the iPad app developers to integrate the app with your external website database? These are the type of questions iPad developers need answers to.  These are just two basic categories of ideas for an iPad application you may want turned into reality.  So what should a person expect once they request a quote from an iOS development company?

A person who has requested a quote from an iOS development company should expect to be contacted by the iOS development company once they have decided to pursue your project. The iOS development team will discuss your ideas further, and figure out what exactly you want out of your iPad app. Once this is determined, you will need to talk about funding, and time frames with the developer.


These are just the first steps you will need to take to turn your idea for an iPad application into reality. Here are the iPad development services that EcomSloutions offers.


Get Ready For iOS 5

On June 6th Apple announced the introduction of its latest operating system for its massively popular iPhoneiPad, and iPod Touch. This operating system is said to have over 200 new features. These features will include new native applications, improvements to functionality, and provide great new connectivity between iOSdevices.  Below are some highlights of what to expect in iOS 5.


Alerts, notifications, and more

In iOS 5 there is finally a new system for managing notifications. All users of the iPhone have been playing a game only to be interrupted by a text message. Apple has designed a new notification center (surprisingly similar to android’s) that is accessible everywhere, and doesn’t interrupt what you are doing. iOS developers will now be able to create notifications from apps that are far less intrusive during important day to day tasks, like playing Angry Birds.



This is a feature that can best be described as blackberry messenger for iOS devices. iMessage is a way for people to communicate from one iOS 5 device to another. This now gives iPhone users the ability to know when someone has received a message, and if they have read it, something blackberry users have had for a long time. This also means iPhone users will now have the ability to message other iOS user when they only have wifi service.



In this day and age everybody is writing, and reading, news on Twitter. An exciting new feature of iOS 5 is a twitter application that is native to iOS devices. This means that iOS development teams can now integrate twitter within their apps. This will allow iPhoneiPad, and iPod Touch users to tweet what they are doing directly from iOS applications. This integration of twitter makes it easier for people to share pictures, locations, and much more directly from applications.



iCloud is something that all users of iOS devices will find useful, if apple executes it correctly. The idea behind iCloud is that users of the iPhoneiPad, and iPod Touch will be able to store their content in one place. Apple is giving every user 5gb of free cloud storage where they can keep their music, photos, and videos.  iCloudwill then sync these files with all registered iOS devices. Apple says that items purchase from their app store will not take up any of the users free 5gb of storage.

The iCloud system will also provide syncing services for email, calendar, and other data to iOS users. iCloud will also offer people the ability share their apps among their iOS devices.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of iCloud is something called iTunes Match. This is a service that, for $24.99 a year, will allow iOS users to scan music in their library and have it matched to music in the iTunes Store. This will allow users to download their existing songs from the iTunes library, without taking up any of their free 5gb of storage.


iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch developers have already seen the beta versions of iOS 5, and the public version is expected to be released sometime in September. So get ready for some big changes and improvements in your iOS experience.

For Help integrating these or any other new iOS 5 features into you existing iOS applications, or creating a ground up iOS 5 ready application, visit our website, and brows the large number of mobile application development services we offer.




What is Titanium(Appcelerator), why do we use it, and what can it do for you?

With the ever-changing environment of mobile application development, flexibility is key.  Over the past 5 years we have all noticed the momentous changes in the mobile device market. There is not a single person who has not noticed the rise of the iPhone, and with good reason. The iPhone is a product that changed what we all expect from our mobile devices. People no longer expect their cell phones to just keep them in touch with friends, family and co-workers, they expect a dynamic multimedia experience. This multimedia experience is usually brought to consumers through the Apple app store.

This movement of application development for iPhones, iPads, and iPods has not gone unnoticed by other companies, and now more than ever other companies are challenging Apple for dominance in the mobile device / application market. Over the past few years, rather quietly, Google has grabbed almost 25% of the mobile operating system market. So what does this mean to people looking for application development services for mobile devices? It means that a person who develops an application only for Apple devices will automatically forgo about 25% of the market.

This is where Titanium comes in. At Ecom Solutions we use the Titanium framework to develop mobile applications that can be run on both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems. With Titanium our costs of developing cross platform mobile application are reduced, and the market share captured by our applications is greater. We have already developed many applications for satisfied customers, and invite you to contact us and see what Ecom Solutions, with the power of Titanium, can do for you.


Rumor: Apple no longer allows Best Buy to sell the iPad 2

Rumor: Apple no longer allows Best Buy to sell the iPad 2 😉

Best Buy pulls ad that makes fun of iPad



Sony CEO Accidentally Reveals Secret Details About iPhone 5

By Charlie White

Sir Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony, accidentally told everyone in the world that his company will be supplying image sensors for Apple‘s iPhone 5.

In an interview late Friday with the Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg, the Sony chief was talking about earthquake damage to 15 of the Sony’s factories in Japan, and inadvertently mentioned that a camera sensor made in one of those plants is on its way to Apple, and that sensor would be delayed because of the quake and tsunami.

Stringer didn’t specifically say that Sony is building an 8-megapixel image sensor that will go into the iPhone 5, but since Sony is currently not manufacturing any image sensors for Apple, this confirmed that Sony plans to supply components of the iPhone 5.

This points to the distinct possibility that in the iPhone 5, Apple will no longer be using those OmniVision 5-megapixel image sensors currently inside the iPhone 4. This is supported by an analyst’s report from February of this year saying that OmniVision might lose out on supplying cameras for the iPhone 5 because OmniVision’s 8-megapixel sensor won’t be ready for the iPhone 5′s rumored mid-summer launch.

Because Stringer was talking about the irony of supplying the company’s best camera to Apple, we can only surmise that he was talking about an 8-megapixel sensor. Here’s what The Wall Street Journal wrote about Stringer’s quote when reporting on its own event this morning:

Early on, he raised the irony of Sony supplying camera components for Apple devices. It “always puzzles me,” he said. “Why would I make Apple the best camera?” It is unclear what devices he was talking about as Sony isn’t known to supply key camera components, known as image sensors, to Apple; A Sony spokeswoman declined to comment and an Apple spokesperson couldn’t be reached for comment.

Stringer’s inadvertent slip also lends credence to the rumors of a delayed release of the iPhone 5.

So what do you think, readers? Is this enough evidence for us to bet on a Sony 8-megapixel camera going into the iPhone 5?


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