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ColdFusion and Flex, why do they work together?

Flex Development Company

The ColdFusion Developers at Adobe have contributed an invaluable asset to the world of computer programming with this very widely distributed software program. Developing the perfect ColdFusion web application requires a certain level of depth and execution that only a ColdFusion Development Company can provide consumers with on a consistent basis. In recent years, the developers of ColdFusion have been at the receiving end of an incredible surge of support and recognition in the web development community, and rightly so. (more…)

Flex Shopping Cart

Flex shopping cart – Latest Technology, in Style !
Being at the forefront of the Adobe Flex development technology it was but a natural step for us at to build an enterprise level Flex Shopping Cart that brings page less navigation to your E-commerce interface. The Flex Shopping Cart is a full-blown RIA component that can be incorporated into any workflow and E-commerce requirement.


Adobe Flex Examples

Adobe Flex Development and Examples
Want to give your visitors, clients and customers a killer experience on your website by providing them with a cutting-edge interface?  With integrated Flex Development your online Applications can work as fast as Desktop Applications.  Take a look at our Adobe Flex Examples. The speed of Adobe Flex, coupled with exceptional design, security, and usability is the main reason why more and more businesses and organizations are partnering with Flex Development Teams that can create extremely fast Online Applications leveraging the Rich Internet Application (RIA) technology provided by Adobe’s Flex (more…)

Flex Shopping Cart

Flex shopping cart – Latest Technology, in Style !

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A Flex Shopping Cart provides the following unique features:

Flex Developer

Who needs a Flex Development Team?

Flex Development is at the cutting edge of current Web Designing and Web Development technology. Its in Flex where functionality, interface, technology and design coalesce to give you a totally different experience when it comes to consuming and offering Web Applications. Adobe Flex has the required ability to transform any Online Application in such a manner that it functions like a Desktop Application – no longer you need to wait for the web pages to refresh and reload in order to display updated information. All the needed data resides on the user’s machine so the program does not have to communicate with the distant server again and again even to reflect tiny changes. (more…)

Seeking Web Development Subcontractors

Is your Company overwhelmed by more accounts than you can handle? Or maybe you have a nice Contract opportunity, but don’t have the skills to deliver it…

The trend nowadays, especially after many disappointments of outsourcing to other continents and odd time zones in the past years, is to Subcontract your overhead Web Development and Programming tasks to experienced, U.S based Companies that don’t work while you sleep. (more…)

Adobe Flex Developers

Are you ready to move on to the next level of web design and user interaction?

There is a paradigm shift in the way people use the Internet and interact on commercial Websites. Total customization no longer remains in the realms of usability, whitepapers, and web design conferences! Adobe Flex makes functionalities feel like a breeze. Here are some examples of Flex enhanced features we can provide:

  • Updating data on the webpage without having to refresh the page
  • Dragging and dropping items into the shopping cart along with simultaneous recalculation of the cost
  • Rearranging items on the webpage according to your convenience
  • Changing the look of the website according to your preferences
  • Developing and installing the most complex animations and graphics

The greatest benefit of our experience with Flex is that we can create Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that deploy consistently on all major browsers, and Operating Systems, consequently providing a richer experience for your audience. Flex brings real-time interactivity in your existing Applications, and Ecom Solutions can develop and install completely new Flex Applications in a timely fashion!


Adobe Max 2008 Event

I just noticed the news on the Adobe Website, about their upcoming North American Event.
MAX 2008 is an opportunity to connect with the Adobe community. The North American event will take place in San Francisco, California on November 16-19, 2008
At the event, Adobe will bring together the most creative and influential minds in the community, from designers and developers to executives and partners, for three days that they claim will shape the future of the industry.

MAX is an Adobe Conference centered on the ecosystem of companies, developers, and designers using Adobe Tools such as Adobe ColdFusion, Adobe Air, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flex, and other Adobe products .

Building Rich Internet Applications Using Flex 2 And Coldfusion

There was a time when even simple HTML pages used to make us happy. A few hyperlinks here and a couple of form elements there and you would have an “interactive” presence on the Internet.

JavaScript and CSS improved things to a great extent but still the functionalities on a webpage could never even remotely match the interface of a desktop application. With the advent of Flash things spiced up a bit but they were still on the static side. There was nothing that we could call interactive and dynamic in the Flash animations that the developers created. Although there is a fair amount of “programming” that you can do in Flash, this feature never caught on with hardcore programmers because interface designing skills were always required; they needed something that could help them create Flash applications by simply having to write code. Flex was developed keeping this in mind. And with this was born the concept of Rich Internet Applications. (more…)

Rich Internet Applications

 Despite being web-based applications, Rich Internet Applications function like desktop applications. Typically, they have features and functionalities of desktop applications but they can easily access data and programs residing upon remote web servers.

So why so much fuss over Rich Internet Applications? First of all they demolish the boundaries of traditional web-based applications. Up till now the web-based applications, in the name of interactivity, could only offer text boxes, drop-down boxes and other form-based and link-based controls. Every action depended on page refreshes. Every processing happened on the server side and the client side only handled the static data. This meant whenever the application needed to access new or updated data it had to access the server. Accessing the server again and again might not be a problem if very few people are using the application but it tremendously slows things down if lots of people are using the application at the same time. This also created constraints for application developers who were itching to create applications that could use strengths of both the desktop and the Internet environment. Both users and application creators terribly missed the level of interactivity and flexibility offered by even mediocre desktop applications. (more…)


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